Invest only on things you are familiar with

As we have started getting more and more tokens every day from Steem-Engine, we have to be very careful about our investment. It took me a while for me to first understand about all these tokens but after the launch of PAL tokens, it was pretty understandable for me. After that, I started focusing more on Steem-Engine tokens. Today I’m supporting and have invested my time on the following tokens.

  • PAL
  • LEO
  • SPT

Currently, I don’t know much about any of the other tokens. I’m also not planning to distract myself on other platforms. Soon if there is a good chance for me to explore further tokens, I will spend some additional time.

Coming back to the topic, I would like to caution you that there are many tokens emerging in the market. I’m not talking about the entire crypto world but on Steem-Engine. Of course, my advice will hold good even for the entire crypto world. We shouldn’t be investing so much of money on platforms that we are not familiar with.


Not all the platforms will have a good future. Some platforms will start well but the strategy can take them down. We have to be observing the platforms closely to understand the clear purpose and then invest accordingly. Some of my friends on Steem are still not familiar with Steem-Engine tokens and all the tribes that are emerging here. I guess someday they have to get here and try to understand this. I see a bright future for the tribes as of now than steem as many whales are also liquidating their steem holdings and investing in their favorite tribes.

When it comes to investment and usage, we will not be able to invest money on all the tokens that we see in Steem-Engine. Some of the tokens may not even be relevant for us. Refrain from using wrong tags in the post. If you are writing articles only for Steemleo community, it will be ideal to invest more money and time on Leo tokens instead of getting distracted towards other tokens. There are also communities/tribes that will flag your posts if your tags are not relevant.

If you write an article about your cat with steemleo and spt as the tags, your post will be fully eligible for a flag from both steemleo community and spt community. But at the same time, you can tag neoxian and palnet on the posts because they both are general purpose tags. So, choosing the right tribe tag is very important to not get whooped.


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