Issue Resolution – Most satisfying thing for a developer

Today I was really exhausted and was not very comfortable writing any new code. I instead thought I will spend some time in resolving some issues that I already have in my project. While going through my issue list, I noticed something in particular with Mongo DB server setup and I wanted to spend time today on that.

A developer can get at most satisfaction if they are able to work and solve an issue in the project. Issues are something that is very common in the life of a developer. The issues can either happen while writing the code itself or it can occur after the application goes to production. Some issues will need immediate fixing and some issues can be a nice thing to have. I picked one such a nice thing to have from my list today and fixed the issue.

Personally, when we start working on an issue, we usually get a big hesitation or laziness to continue with the troubleshooting. Before even starting the exploration, it is usually a hesitant feeling. But once we start working on the issue it becomes one of the most interesting things for the day. Today I worked on something like that. While starting to code something, I did not have a good refreshing mind to code anything new. That’s why I started with issue resolution but after resolving the issue from my backlog, I got a satisfying experience and my mind was ready for further interesting tasks.


I have to honestly say that after getting good satisfaction from issue resolution mind gets a refreshing feeling. With that fresh feeling, we will even be able to do some innovations or write some new code on the same day. In my experience in the IT industry for almost 10 years now, I have seen different types of developers. There are people who wish to work only on issue resolution projects or root cause analysis projects. They don’t feel like working on new things or innovations. Similarly, there are also people who wish to work only on new features than fixing things that are already broken.

When I observed myself, I also found that I’m also someone who is more inclined towards creating new applications and taking ownership of the application and working on new features for the application. I’m not a big fan of continuing someone else’s code. I have had instances where I used to hate working on issue resolution. I’m even ready to do a Root Cause Analysis for any issues because that can be interesting but working continuously on issue fixes rather than innovation or new features is kind of boring according to me.


But these perspectives are different from one person to another person. It purely depends on the developers and how they would like to define their coding career. Some people might look forward to learning new things and some people might just be comfortable working on things they already know very well. But, there is always one common thing among both these types of developers which the ability to write code with issues. That can never be changed. Every developer or programmer will make mistakes in their code somewhere or the other.

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