It is so nice to look at the trending pages of the Steem tribes

After the emerging of the Steem Engine project on steem platform, as a side chain to Steem, there have been so many revolutionary changes happening here. Some of the changes are really very good to the platform. One such thing that I observed was the way the trending page looks on the tribes. Though not all the steem users are familiar with Steem Engine tokens and what it does to us, the crowd is slowly moving from Steem platform and have started showing more interest towards Steem Tribes. People choose the tribes that are their area of interest and contribute to those tribes. There are also some tribes that are general-purpose tribes where the tags can be used on all the posts.

Curating posts on Steem tribes had always been an easy task for me. Unlike Steem/Steemit user interface, there is no abuse of the trending page. As we don’t have the concept of bid bots yet, the trending page looks far better than the ordinary steem trending page. The reason is that we have both upvotes, as well as downvotes here and most of the tribes, work more on keeping the votes and curation more organic. Almost all the tribes have a set of curators who take care of manual curation.


If we have to look for good contents to upvote, the posts in the trending page are definitely meaningful. But at the same time, it doesn’t mean that only those posts should be eligible for upvotes. There is still a big room for improvement when it comes to curation. Even though the trending page shows good articles from the tribe, people should also keep looking for contents from the other places as well. If we just rely only on the trending page, then only the good posts that already got good rewards will be flooded with extra rewards. Finding some unique and good articles outside the trending page should also be done now and then.


We have some free downvoting options available in the tribes where the downvotes will not affect our voting power. By giving these free downvote options, we get good control over the posts. I know some of my friends who already downvote posts that don’t have appropriate tags. I personally warned some people who use inappropriate tags. The downvote weapon can be used against people who use such inappropriate tags, say for example if you find a post that is not related to investment in steemleo community page, then it is definitely eligible for a good downvote. I have not downvoted any posts yet but I did comment on a few of the post asking them to use appropriate tags.


After the HF21, we are also going to get free downvote pool for our steem posts platform as well. I personally feel that it can help a lot in controlling the abuse of this platform by vote farming. But we have to be careful with the downvote pool because it can easily bring or trigger a downvote war. If you are planning to downvote a post that is not appropriate or not eligible for rewards, make sure you are not messing up with a whale. A simple downvote back from the whale in return can ruin your career in Steem blockchain.

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