Learn patience from the snakes


Disclaimer: Please don’t read this post if you are afraid of snakes. I have a few close-up images of snakes in this post.

Just a few minutes before writing this article, I was watching a BBC documentary about snakes. There were so many things discussed snakes and one important quality of the snake amazed me and made me come here and write an article on that. Snakes are spectacular living beings on the planet. We all know that there are so many beautiful species around us given to us by nature. Snakes are scary but they are really beautiful. Though they are dangerous, it is beautiful to observe them. Not sure about others but it is very interesting for me always.

I always admire their stealth and specialties. Some snakes are blind but with good sensors in the tongue to find the heat signatures from the surrounding to catch their prey. I always wanted to study more about snakes and learn lots of things from them. One good learning opportunity that we get from the snakes is their patience. Being a science student from the school I have always admired watching national geographic channel wild. Some people find it disgusting to watch snakes and other scary creatures but I see that as the beauty of nature. My thoughts on this are that every living being that we see around us will have something to teach us.


Snakes wait for several hours to catch its prey

This is usually something that happens during the night time. Rattlesnakes and a few other snakes stay still in a place waiting for its prey to move around. During night time the snakes will not have a clear vision except for the night vision which identifies only the heat signatures. Some snakes will also have heat sensors in the tongue that helps them identify if there are any prey around them. Snakes stay still for a long time. Even if the prey is just near them, they don’t hit it without proper planning. They stay still with lots of patience and wait for the right time to strike. There is just less than a 1% chance where the prey escapes from the snakes.


Some snakes straight away catch their prey in their mouth but rattlesnakes poison the prey first and let it die and then swallow it. Anaconda snakes stay underwater for several hours to catch its prey. For prey outside the water, the water will look very calm but the snake will wait for the right moment and attack. It is not easy to escape from Anaconda’s strike. One important thing to note here is that they stay still for several minutes to hours in order to catch their prey. They are against restlessness.

Now let’s talk about patience

One good thing about snakes is the patience they have. Today in human life we all lack patience. There are many reasons for that and most of the time when we are stressed out we easily lose our patience. One good way to escape from problems is to stay calm and composed. Even if the person in front of us is shouting at the core, we have to stay dumb and be patient. There will be an opportunity in life for us to prove or show that we were right. We have to just be patient until then waiting for that opportunity. This is something that we have to learn from the snakes.


In the case of snakes, they will end up being hungry if they don’t be patient. The same for human beings as well. If we don’t learn to be with patience, we might lose some good relationships.

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