Let’s not worry about missed investments

My grandfather used to talk a lot about his missed investments. He once got an offer to buy a land for just Rs. 4,000 it seems before 30 years. The place has now developed a lot. If he had bought it for just 4,000 Rs, the value would have been more than 1 crore today. With that as an example, he always talks to me about investing carefully at the right time in the right place. He has been regretting this missed investment throughout his life. If he had done that investment before 30 years, he would have not had any necessity to be dependable on his daughters for making a living today. That’s some kind of lesson that I learnt from him. I’m able to see lots of opportunities in front of my eyes and I really want to make use of the opportunities.

Grabbing the opportunity

Opportunity for making investments might sometimes be in front of our eyes but due to our ignorance or lack of wisdom, we might miss that opportunity. It is important to observe all the opportunities around us and grab the opportunity at the right time. We all know Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds in the world. He is not only the master brain for many things related to science but he also once quoted about the importance of compounding. The exact quote is as follows:

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it. – Albert Einstein

Without grabbing the opportunity to make investments, there is no use in worrying about missed opportunities. If we see opportunities in front of our eyes we should be able to easily grab it. But of course, we will need enough knowledge about it before we invest in anything. Warren Buffett is considered one of the most successful investors in the past century. In one of my previous articles, I mentioned his new investment plan on Indian Startup PayTM.

Warren Buffett is someone who understood the above quote very well and invested on so many right things to make his life very successful. He understood well about the power of Compound interest and that’s why he earned a lot through right investments. We may not be able to do everything that Warren Buffett did. Things that worked for him need not necessarily work for us. But we can definitely look forward to identifying things that would work for us and invest our time and energy on such things. It need not always be a monitory investment. Compound interest can be gained even from time and energy investments as well. If we are lucky we could even get the returns in the form of good money.

Investing in Blockchain technology

The blockchain is the greatest investment opportunity that we currently have in this century. In the past century, lots of people had different things to invest on. As we saw above Warren Buffett was one such successful investor in the past century. In today’s world, we have this newly emerging Blockchain technology. Already many companies have started to invest in Blockchain technology and are working on blockchain projects and IoT projects. If we can plan and do an investment now we will be able to see a bright future.

Today we see lots of people who invested their time, money and energy on various technologies related to blockchain are already enjoying their feast. Before 10 years if we were aware of the potential of this technology and accumulated some decent Bitcoin holdings, we might have been able to reap our fruits. It is never too late. The price of all the cryptocurrencies have dropped drastically compared to the previous year and this has now lead to a great pathway for people to invest in cryptocurrencies.

The investment need not necessarily be on cryptocurrencies. We can even look forward to investing our time and energy into any blockchain application. Investing our time and energy in steemit is also a great thing to do. If we foresee the future of these blockchain platforms, it is definitely going to be great. Let’s just wake up and do the investment right now so that we need not worry about any missed investment in the future. If the MNCs start to use this technology extensively, then we might see a great future in this. As we all know there are already many international banks and multinational companies who have started to explore the utilization of this technology. If this goes smooth and regulations in the countries are smoothened, we will be able to see a good fruit for the investment of time and energy on this.

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