Making hobbies as your profession

Once a wise man told the below quote about hobbies becoming a profession. It was a great thought that helped me feel that I should definitely stick to things that I admire the most and things that I naturally do well.

“Cultivate as many hobbies as possible. One day one of your hobbies will become your profession.” – Crazy Mohan

Crazy Mohan, the person who said the above quote is someone very close to my heart. Reason being he is someone who is living by these words. His profession is making humour and it is also his hobby. Not something that he was forced to learn. He is able to make people around him happy in a very natural fashion. You can read a lot about him in different online sources. I always wanted to lead a life doing things that I like the most where money shouldn’t be a hurdle for me. Passive income sources are very good to chase our dreams but reaching that point itself is a dream for some people like me. But even when we are running behind money for our basic needs of life, we have to be as ethical as possible.

We are all running behind money

I’m working in an IT company by profession. I’m not sure if that is something that I really like the most. I had to start working for this company because my family needed money. And I believe that is the case for everyone who is working in a job that they really don’t like. Well in my case I’m not quite sure what is my actual area of interest. Not because I don’t have any area of interest, but because I have an interest in lots of areas. I became a software developer by profession. Not because I liked it the most but because I studied Computer Science Engineering and also because my mother wanted me to study that. Of course, I’m satisfied in what I’m doing right now but in a way, I used to think if I had done something that I really liked the most, I would have been even more satisfied and peaceful.

Similarly, when I started writing articles 8 years back, I hated it so much. Till today I’m not really very happy and comfortable in writing articles or blog posts but I still do it because this 8 years has given me a good practice and made it something that is comfortable for me. At one point I had to write nearly 50 articles per day which totally spoiled my creativity and vocabulary. All because of money and I see a greater impact from that even today. That is the reason why I feel my articles are not so great which once used to be. All due to the impact of overdoing things that I really don’t like the most.

Doing things with full interest

In order to be successful in life, one should be interested in what they are doing. If people are forced to do something for the sake of materialistic benefits, it will not last long and they will not be able to excel very well. Only things done with great interest will give you the fruit. Even other things might give you fruit but the one that you get because of the outcome of your interests will be really tasty. In order to do something with full interest, it should be one of your hobbies. If you get paid for doing your hobbies, then it is the most interesting thing ever to do. If you are doing such things, you will show your full interest and dedication to that and the outcome will also be brilliant.

I have seen lots of people chasing towards their dreams. Some people have been successful in what they tried to become and some people are not. The reason is that even though they start doing things they like the most, they don’t really dedicate 100 % to that. They are either afraid of failure or they are double minded. Trusting something that you are good at is very important to be self-motivated. Without self-motivation, you will not be able to achieve anything in this world. When hobbies become your profession, it is one of the greatest feelings that a person can get. I always wanted to be someone who gets paid for travelling. The reason is because I get a chance to visit so many new places and interract with people there and know about their culture. But my brother is already in a job that makes him travel to lots of places inside the country as well as places outside the country. But he hates travelling. He even rejected some foreign opportunities that he got. From this we can clearly understad that perspectives change from one person to another.

I will try to talk more about hobbies in the future articles. Share your views on this topic in the comments section.

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