Managing loss from Share market

I’m seeing lots of people so excited about the share market and thinking that it is easy money. Well, in a way it is true if you know the tactics but from my personal experience, everywhere your skills will only help you earn money. Luck will definitely favour a bit but the end of the day only the skills will sustain. So, if you are someone planning to invest on share market, you have to be ready to do your own analysis and enter and exit from the market at the right time. There should not be even 1% greed in your mind. That can make things go wrong.

For the past one year, my share market portfolio has not been very great. To be more specific I will share some numbers with you. I have invested around 7 lakhs in total (around 10,000 $) in several stocks. I should say that two years back I had a very good time and I was able to gain lots of profit from the Indian share market through day trading and deliveries. Maybe the market was very good by then and I was able to easily predict it. But last year was very bad. All my stocks in my portfolio currently show a negative value. The total of the current value from all my stocks show only 5,77,152 Rs which means I’m already in a loss of around 100000 Rs which is around 1500 $.

My next move

The money that I have invested on the share market is something that I earned hard from my full time job. I still don’t regret my decision because I planned it well before getting my leg into this. There is a beautiful quote my friend @rzs used to say frequently. I have mentioned the quote multiple times in the past as well. The fact is that I have really taken that very serious.

Invest only the money that you are ready to burn.

The above statement is a very important thing for any investor. People who are thinking about creating a concrete future plan with investment should also have this as a ground rule. Only the money that you are ready to burn should be in your investment funds. Your real life or regular day to day life should not be dependent on the money that you are investing in. So I keep this as my ground rule and I continue investing even today.

I’m not really unhappy that my portfolio is negative now. The stocks that I have invested so far, are fundamental stocks and are very good in the long run. Today it can show as a loss but over the course of 3 to 5 years, these stocks can bring me great returns. All it needs is just one push. I have seen similar things happening for a few of the other stocks that are in my watchlist. I used to think that I have missed investing in those stocks. But I’m not going to regret the investments that I have currently made.

There is also some good news

Most of the stocks in my portfolio are also good in giving me dividends. One of the stock that I have been holding for the past one year has already given me dividends twice in the last year and for the 4th quarter, the company has again announced dividends. Today morning my friend sent me a message with the below screenshot about this good news. Though it is quite sad that my portfolio is all red in colour because of loss, I’m quite happy that these companies give me dividends which will compensate for my loss. Because if I had saved the same money in my bank account or in any other investment plan, I would have received only the same amount of returns.

Most of the stocks that are in my portfolio are government stocks or government-aided stocks. There will not be a possibility that it can completely get delisted from the exchange. And because of the reputation, the stock price will keep going up and going down to keep it active. So, I’m happy with the dividend and keeping my portfolio diversified.

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