Moving towards Internet dependent future

Today when I was on my way to the office I was wondering if we were all moving towards an Internet-dependent future. Already we look forward to living a life that has the Internet as a mandatory requirement. Something that I notice during my travel is that when we are away from our gadgets that use the internet, it really gives a great feeling and sometimes happiness as well. But we will not be able to live that life for so long because our future may not allow us to be like that.

I specifically wanted to write this article about our dependency on the Internet after my recent travel to a village where there was no internet connectivity. Though I was fully occupied the whole day, I realized that it was quite challenging to live a life without the internet. I was able to realize that I’m connected to so many friends online and if I don’t engage with the friends and groups even for a single day, it makes me feel that I’m lost somewhere. I think it is not the case just for me but I have seen lots of my friends so much dependent on the internet.

Internet is everywhere

Today with the growth of technology we are having internet facilities everywhere. Every village now has wireless internet facilities along with phone connections. I don’t know if cell phone towers are good for humanity or not but they are helping us stay connected with people from any part of the world. It makes me feel that we are already moving towards cloud solution where all our data are stored in cloud servers and we use internet extensively for all our activities.

At least we have to be happy that we have local storage facilities available in our phones and laptops because even though all the information is available on the internet, we will all be lost if internet connectivity is not available. That’s the reason why we have to store some important information like contact numbers in physical format. We are also finding innovative ways with the help of internet to simplify things that we as humans do. In a way it is good but in other words, we are also becoming machine dependent.

Too much of dependency on the machines will restrict the way humans think and make our future generations so dumb. This is my personal feeling. My grandfathers and great grandfathers were able to do complex calculations with their mind itself. Today I’m going in search of a calculator if someone asks me for a simple multiplication or addition.

Natural calamities teach us lesson

Two years back we had cyclone and flood in Chennai. That is when I realized the importance of the internet and how we are becoming so much internet dependent. During the disaster, we did not have electricity and internet connectivity for nearly a week. For some places, it took more than a month to restore electricity and internet connectivity. Though life was really nice to be without them, it was highly challenging for some individuals were dependent on that. We understood the importance of having landline phones because all our phones and cell phone towers were also dead for weeks.

Something that I noticed was that people were unable to live a life without electricity and internet. People of old age were able to easily adapt to it because they have been in such situations during their childhood. But for youngsters, it was really a big challenge. That is when people started to realize how it is important to also learn to live a life without electricity and internet. I’m really afraid about the future because we all becoming more and more dependent on the internet and going away from the natural way of life. Technology is good but we have to take only to some extent.

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