Moving towards organic farming

Nowadays I hear a lot about people moving towards organic farming. In a way I can call myself an organic farmer because I own a 1/4 acre land in Thirunelveli with around 42 mango trees in it. I bought the land for 4 lakhs three years back and leased it to a land promotor to take care of the farm and keep it green. The lease period is for 10 years and they have promised to give the profit cut every year after 3rd year. So this year i’m expecting a cut from them towards the end of the year for the mangoes that grow in my farm.

The main reason why I wanted to do this investment is because it was organic. I see so many farms spoiled with pesticides and insecticides. Farming is completely dependent on these unnatural ways nowadays. People want fast money so they invest more on fertilizers to shorten the growing period of the crops. The fertilizers are not only shortening the growing period of the crops but also our life span. It is quite unfortunate that there are also lots of people who don’t believe the fact that these unnatural ways are killing and they argue saying that we are against development.

Organic projects

I’m hearing a lot about new organic projects emerging. We have already converted most of the farming lands to concrete structures. Cattle nowadays lack food sources and green grasses. Today when I was talking to my mother, she mentioned that she used to cut green grasses along with her sisters every day when she was young just to feed the cattle. Nowadays we hardly see green grasses. Especially city life is horrible for me. For the past few days I had a chance to travel to various villages in Tamil nadu for the occasion of Maha Shivarathri.

There are definitely many villages still with lots of greeneries. But in City life, we are continuing to destroy all the green structures that are left over and converting it to concrete structures. People try to save some space for constructions by destroying gardens and trees. I have always felt very bad about this.

In the outskirts of Chennai, there are new organic projects available for lease. People invest their money to these projects and the people who take care of these land take a part of the yield as commission and give the profit to the investor. In the land that I’m having, I also have a similar thing where 60 percent of the profit from the yield goes to me and remaining 40 percent goes to them for taking care of the land and maintaining it and doing all another thing. I can just sit and enjoy the profit that my farmland is giving me. My farmland is quite far away from the place where I live but I have invested it along with my friends and we know for sure that it is in the right hands who take care of the farm very well.

Investing on organic projects

I would like to recommend everyone to invest more towards organic projects because I think it will soon be the future. We have already started moving towards clean energy sources and even the top companies have started promoting the initiatives. I feel that similar thing can happen for even agriculture because people think about the harmful effects of fertilizers and unnatural way of living our life.

The food that we consume every day gives us all the strengths that we need and if the food is right, we will not end up having any disease. Food is one of the major contributors to the body’s growth and maintenance. If we are choosing a natural way of life, then food is very important and we have to be choosy when it comes to food. The importance of organic food items is gradually gaining speed. We have to understand why a natural lifestyle can be advantageous than getting exposed to diseases and finding a cure from medicines.

People encourage friends and relatives to use organic products more than chemicals. Nature knows the exact proportion of the chemicals inside the product. We can, of course, produce anything by knowing the chemical proportion and combination by just sitting inside a lab. But it will not be natural and we will not know how much side effects it can bring. By investment, I don’t mean just money alone, please invest your time as well to understand the importance of organic consumption and motivate others as well to do the same. Today the cost of organic items can be a little high but only when things are abundant, it will be affordable for everyone.

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