My Monthly Report May 2019

Every month there are so many new things happening and last month was equally awesome. I was able to explore so many things and progress so well. As we are stepping into a new month, I’m already very excited to check my stats for the previous month. There were so many exciting things that happened last month. I started my journey of collecting many tokens last month. I started off with actifit, dlike, hunt tokens and then now highly attracted towards DEC. I have delegated Steem Power to Steemmonsters to get some attractive DEC. Let’s take a look at my progress last month.

Top contributors during the month of May

Last month I managed to regularly contribute to my blog using the steempress plugin. And, that is the reason why steempress is the top contributor last month. After that, I managed to make steemhunt posts every single day except 4 days of the month. In the initial days, I did not know that only the top 100 steemhunt posts will be getting the upvote from the community account. Later I started getting good scores on my steemhunt posts and I was able to grab some votes on my steemhunt posts.

I managed to publish 2 articles for the Utopian-io community last month and that gave me a huge upvote. I wish to work more on open source projects in the future and share my articles to the Utopian-io community. I was also able to get some bigger votes on my posts that were written for some of the contests.

I managed to spend some time to play steemmonsters game and grab some DEC tokens. I really like the new features in the steemmonsters game. I strongly believe that it can turn out to be one of the best games on top of Steem Blockchain. I have also delegated some SP to Steemmonsters community to get my DEC share every day for delegation.

The total SP in the account has been increased drastically compared to the previous few months. One big reason is also that I’m writing more than 3 articles per day. It can be one of the reasons for this. I really like the way the account is growing.

I always have the rule to maintain some liquid steem in my account but recently I made lots of transactions using the liquid steem that I had. I currently have very low Steem in my account. I’m planning to not do any power up until the liquid steem value reaches 100 again. This is just to make sure that I have enough liquid steem in my hand to grab any opportunities or do any instant investment on something.

Above are some of the liquid transactions that I made in my account. Last month I managed to buy some steemmonsters booster pack and that is where most of the steem was spent. Later, I realized that it was not a good investment at all and my money was wasted there. But that’s good learning after all. Additionally, I bought some Hunt tokens to boost my hunt score and that is the next major thing where I spent lots of steem. I’m really excited about the coming months. Hope it will turn out to be great in terms of income.

Image Source: Screenshots from different websites

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