My travel week has just ended

Before starting this article, I would like to say that this article is going to be a ulog with bits and pieces of information from my travel. I did not take any photos during the travel so I may not be able to share any photos with you. Like I mentioned in my yesterday’s article, it was a religious tour with my family. First two days trip was alone and the last two days trip was with the family.

After a tiring travel week I just entered my home and came to my room to take some rest. There are two types of people, one is someone who still continues to do works in the house even after returning from a tiring travel. Another category of people include the one who first prefer to take some rest after the travel and then continue with the next activities. I’m someone who belong to the second category and that’s why I came to bed already.

My mom belong to first category and she is continuing to work now to setup things. We took many things for our travel and came back with many new baggages as well. She is now working on settling things before going to bed. I cannot stop her because it is her nature.

About the trip

All I wanted to say was that, it was an awesome experience and for someone who is spending most of the lifespan in city lifestyle, this trip gave a different experience. I even felt why am I returning back home. The interesting thing about this trip was that we had to keep travelling in the Van most of the time to reach our destinations.

During that travel, all the routes that we went were through farmland. It was green everywhere and the climate was also a little cooperative especially during night time. Other than that we visited so many places and we had good darshan in temples. I’m not going to go into more details because overall it was a great experience so I don’t know what to tell and what to leave.

What next?

My travel plans for the month is almost over and it was also a bit exhausting. Two weeks back my health was not in a great condition because of which I had to cancel a travel plan during a second week of February. I was not completely healed but still I had to travel in the last week. Because of that my body is all heated up and needs fixing. I’m going to take few weeks to heal my body with some natural methods and until then no more travels.

Because of my travel plans I also have so many items pending in my action list both personal as well as official work. Next week is going to be really hectic because of this. I’ll also take the opportunity to heal my body from the wear and tear. Ok I am going to stop right here and sleep in another few minutes as the time is already 11:45 pm here. I’m writing this article from my mobile device and my mobile already feel two times on my face because of sleep.

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