Neoxian City Mega Giveaway Event

Most of you all might know this already that there is a virtual city in Discord called Neoxian City run by @neoxian. I have been a part of this beautiful city for several months now. I’m not sure if I wrote any detailed article about this City, Mr. Dragon, the rules and the wonderful citizens of the city. I will try to write a detailed article on this soon. For now, I wanted to write an article describing the mega giveaway event that happened yesterday. Before getting into the details, I would like to mention that I developed a Bot called Neox-bot for this city and with the help of Neox-bot, giveaways happen in the city.

Something to note that, it is not just a one-day giveaway event but every single day there will be giveaways happening in the city and yesterday was a mega giveaway event celebrating the Bitcoin pump to 10,000 $. @neoxian promised that he will be doing a mega giveaway as soon as the Bitcoin price hits 10,000 mark and it did happen towards the end of last week and yesterday was the mega giveaway day. It was announced earlier that the mega giveaway will happen on Sunday when the discord server is fully loaded with people. And as expected during the giveaway time the server was full with lots of people really excited.

It all started with a message from @neoxian explaining the rules. There were also explanations on who will be part of the giveaway and who will not be eligible for the giveaway. As I was the one who created the Neox-bot for doing the giveaways, I was informed prior to saying that I will not be able to participate in the giveaway. I was absolutely fine with that decision. Like everyone else, I was also very excited to watch this event happen.

Before starting the giveaway, there was a question if @valchiz should be included in the giveaway or not. @julietisrael then decided that he can be included in the giveaway and he was pretty safe. After this, the actual giveaway started. Before starting the actual giveaway, @neoxian gave some awesome speech which was enjoyable as usual and made us feel very strong.

After we all enjoyed the speech and after some discussions from the other citizens of the city, the event slowly started when Mr. Dragon announced the first giveaway. When all these things were happening, I was actually reading the past chats and I was not in the present. I was a bit late to the event and it took some time for me to reach discord fully after a long day for me. I spent nearly half an hour to read the past chats to understand what was happening in the city and to catch up.

@xawi did call me to enjoy the moment and stop reading the past chats but I was still reading the past chats and was not in the present yet.

Surprisingly the first giveaway was for me. I wasn’t there in the present when this happened but when I reached this part while reading the chats, it did give me a great surprise and my heart skipped a beat out of joy. Thanks, @neoxian. I’m glad to be an employee of the city. I received 75 SBD as well as 1 Neox token as a reward. The giveaway continued and I cracked my ribs laughing after reading @xawi’s messages.

The next giveaway was Neox giveaway. There were a total of 16 participants and @rehan12 was the winner of the giveaway.

@neoxian did mention that there will be a series of small giveaways before the mega giveaway. Well, we cannot say it as small, maybe mini-mega can be a world if at all. The City was already fully filled with people and lots of joy, expectations, hope everywhere.

Before I proceed with the next giveaway, I guess, I should have mentioned about the pairing and grouping thing that happened during the giveaway. Citizens teamed together to grab the giveaways and share with the members of the team. There were also individuals who wanted to stay alone and grab the giveaways.

The city is already filled with lots of emojis from the Nitro users. @neoxian is a Discord Nitro user and he also helped few citizens buy Nitro as he is a huge fan of Discord Nitro and especially the emojis we can use across the servers. @rehan12 grabbed the second giveaway as well.

Citizens were already surprised by the series of events that happened in the City. We all did miss @mango-juice and @afrinsultana during these giveaways. We all were remembering them and they appeared only after all the giveaways were done. Okay, over to the next giveaway. This time the giveaway was about the sharp subscription.

@valchiz was the winner of the giveaway and I believe he will be enjoying his sharp subscription now for a month. Being a new citizen of the city, he is already very excited about being a part of the city and this giveaway will be a great reward for him.

From this giveaway onwards the pairing was very active. Citizens of the city who participated in the giveaway decided to pair up and split the rewards among them. This was indeed an interesting giveaway and @ferrate grabbed it.

After the giveaway was over the rewards were distributed among the team members by one of the citizens in the team. And notably, when this giveaway happened, I was in the present completed reading all the past chats and I thanked all the greeters and Mr. Dragon for the reward.

The next giveaway happened in a different channel and it was a splinterlands card giveaway. Citizens initially missed reacting to this giveaway and later they were all tagged there and there were many reactions.

@akomoajong and his team was the winner of the giveaway and the card was sent to @akomoajong. I’m not sure how they are going to split the card with the entire team. I think the discussion is still happening. But @akomoajong did find that the card was worth $36 from the market.

The next giveaway was some ASS tokens. @julie did mention that she needed some ass as her ass was small. Citizens were excited to grab the ass tokens.

@ifeoluwa88 grabbed those ass tokens. The reward was a bit tricky here. If the citizen who receives it is Sharp, they will receive lesser tokens compared to a normal Citizen. @ifeoluwa88 was a sharp citizen and she was given 500 ass tokens.

Pal tokens are the talk of the town everywhere. The next giveaway was PAL coin.

@olaexcel grabbed the PAL coins and it was again taken to their team for distribution. The PAL tokens were sent to @burlarj who was part of the team.

This was the grand mega giveaway. I’m already tired writing this article explaining the whole event but the Citizens were not tired at all. They were very enthusiastic and ready for further giveaways. We were all puzzled what the grand giveaway could be.

It was a huge giveaway worth 500 $. Look at the number of reactions from the Citizens. It shows pure joy. The giveaway lasted for 10 minutes and people were really happy discussing how they should grab this giveaway. The master plan was to team up and whoever wins will split the rewards with everyone who reacted to the giveaway. With the mutual decision, everyone agreed and @ikrahch won the giveaway and unfortunately, the prize was worth 250 $ as @ikrahch was not a sharp citizen. It ended up being a 250$ save for @neoxian. But the prize money was distributed among everyone who reacted and everyone got 14.5 SBD as a reward from this Grand Giveaway.

Some of the Citizens were really very happy and they expressed their joy with some beautiful messages.

And finally the mega giveaway ended with a message from @neoxian.

The mega giveaway price was distributed among all the citizens who reacted and participated in the giveaway. 1) @burlarj 2) @Olaexcel 3) @xawi 4) @akomoajong 5) @thereikiforest 6) @dhavey 7) @ifeoluwa88 8) @afolwalex 9) @julietisrael 10) @hermannsol 11) @udezee 12) @ferrate 13) @zaku 14) @valchiz 15) @aamirijaz 16) @donefezy 17) @ikrahch

Thanks to @neoxian for being so generous and thanks to all the Citizens of the Neoxian City to make this event a grand success.

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