Open Source reduces infrastructure costs

In order to setup a company and run the company, a company basically needs lots of hardware and software. When it comes to software, for a reputed organization it is obvious that they go for paid software. There are few companies who think beyond that point and implement open source software for their organization to reduce the infrastructure cost. Lets see in detail how open source can reduce the infrastructure costs.

Software development using open source

In the software development, we have the freedom to use both paid software, paid libraries and paid IDE to carry out our development. After the software is developed, it needs to be deployed somewhere for the clients to use. Even for internal purpose, we need a place where can host the software we developed and make the employees use it. When it comes to hosting, it is definitely going to be another expense for the company. But by using open source, we will be able to reduce the cost of both development as well as deployments.

It is true that with open source, we only have to purchase the hardware. All the software that we require can be taken from the open source software options. For the past few years open source communities have been drastically growing. We are able to see many new software products emerging in the market. For every paid software we have in the market, there is always an alternative open source software available.

Some people find it really hard to switch because they either get extra features in the paid software or they go with the reputation. For example, Paint.Net is an open source alternative for Adobe Photoshop. I completely understand that it may not have all the features that Adobe Photoshop has. But for someone who is trying to use only the basic features of Adobe Photoshop can easily use Paint.Net for their needs.

Windows vs Open source

For the past few decades we have been so dependent on Windows operating system and windows products. But for the past few years we are trying to move away from the windows platform to an open source alternative. Linux operating system is a great alternative to windows operating system. When it comes to infrastructure, you will only need to spend for the hardware and all the software you get it for free from the open source community. Microsoft somehow understood this strategy and they have started introducing many open source tools for the developers and the users.

Previously Visual Studio was only available as a paid version but now they have introduced a community edition which can be downloaded and used by anyone. They have also made the .net framework and libraries available for everyone in the form of .net core. The reason is because they found people moving away from using .net libraries to other alternatives. They found a great light in that direction so they wanted people to stick with .net and that’s one of the reason they introduced .net core and made it free. An open source IDE Visual Studio Code is also from Microsoft which is one of the best IDE we can use for software development.

But still the cost of operating system and other basic software like Microsoft office is still expensive. If we move away from windows based operating system to an open source alternative like Linux, we will be able to save lots of money in infrastructure setup and maintenance. The software development is also very easy and deployment to Linux platforms is also easy and cost effective.

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