Origami Session 2 with office colleagues

Following the success of the previous Origami session that we had, many people showed interest to have one more session. This time new members were interested in learning this art. In my previous article, I explained how it originated in my office. This session was kind of a full practice session where there were no theory or explanation about what origami is all about. We jumped straight into making stuff using paper.

Origami is nothing but a paper folding technique to create small structures and prototypes with the help of paper. It can look like child’s play but it has lots of advantages. First thing is that it acts as a great stress buster. When we are sitting and concentrating on creating some beautiful things using origami, our brain calms down and it acts as a great tool to divert our mind from stress and strain. Especially for people who are working in a stressful environment, this can be of great help. This time I managed to capture some photos from the session.

The outcome of the workshop was very fruitful and you can see that from the similes in the face of my colleagues. I also read somewhere that even for bigger things like ship designs and architectural designs origami plays a vital role and in some of the universities origami is part of the curriculum.

If you are someone who love art, crafts and architecture, you can give this a try. You can conduct a similar workshop in your workplace.

Image Source: My mobile Camera

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