People are always Ignorant

In our day to day life, we come across lots of ignorant people. It is quite common. For example, our parents can be less clever than us after a certain age. In our generation, we might have exposure to so many things which our parents might have missed in their generation. This can lead to ignorance. There is no harm in that but the only problem is, we will not be able to easily handle ignorance. Some people get provoked if they see ignorant people. In most of the developing nations, ignorant people are quite common. This doesn’t mean that in other developed nation everyone is clever. But the fact is that the number is high in developing nation because of the exposure people have to gain knowledge and wisdom.

Education is not enough

In some cases, education is not adequate to get the knowledge and wisdom. In some of the developing nations, access to education itself is very less. In most of the developed nation, people easily have exposure to education and they will have enough opportunities to do their basic level of schooling. Education plays a vital role in determining if a person is ignorant or not. Even if the right education is provided some people still say ignorant because they lack the grasping power. We cannot directly blame them but it is good to try and help them get the necessary knowledge or better stay away from them instead of showing our anger to them.

The level of ignorance can differ from one person to another. You will be able to identify it when you have conversations with them. The ignorance can even be specific to some topics. People might lack knowledge on certain skills however, they will do a better job when the discussion is about the skill set in which they have complete knowledge and control. For someone who is not interested in mathematics at all, it could be greek and latin and surviving algebra and equations could be a big challenge but at the same time, if their area of interest in ecology, they will enjoy every minute creations of nature. This is an excellent understandating between two people that can be understood only by proper communications with each other. People should also have patience to talk and share their area of interest.

Conversations with ignorant people

Dealing with ignorant people is quite difficult. Even if we have communications with such people, we might end up with lots of dissatisfaction. We can easily see ignorant people everywhere. They are everywhere because every individual is ignorant in a way or other. We will not be able to completely categorize someone as an ignorant person directly. Ignorance is based on the skill and not specific to the person itself. If we find a person ignorant in an area of knowledge, they might be brilliant in a different type of knowledge. It takes lots of efforts to understand this fact. That is the reason why communications with ignorant people are always difficult. If you are planning to discuss a topic and if you identify the opponent person is not having enough knowledge of that particular topic, there are two ways in which this situation can be approached. People can either continue to have the communication with the opposite individual in the thought to enlighten the person with the required knowledge. At the same time, if we don’t have enough patience to have communications with such an ignorant person, we express out disinterest in the form of anger or by stopping the conversation immediately.

Acceptance is important

In order to have a good life tackling ignorant people, we should have a high level of acceptance. We have to be highly convinced that people are always ignorant and our expectation should not be kept high. If we start to accept people as it is, we will not be having any conflicts with them. Even if they are ignorant about certain things, we will be able to easily handle them and help them if possible. This acceptance is very important in relationships. People should be able to easily accept if their partner is ignorant about something. If you really have patience and love, you can easily explain things to your partner to educate them. Acceptance becomes the first step and then comes the education step. This may not be suitable for everyone but if you are someone with good patience, you can sit with the person and explain them everything in a way they will understand it better.

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