People end up losing their jobs because of automation

The nature of my work is automation. I’m a software developer working on automating stuff for different teams in my company. Recently we kick-started a new project and we will be working on the new project for the next few months. A few days back when I was discussing this new project with my manager, we deviated to several other topics and one such topic that came for discussion was how people are losing their jobs because of automation that are happening in the industry.

It is a sad truth that industry is moving towards the direction of automating things and these automation activities are really affecting the lives of some of the people who do their jobs manually. Robotic process automation software is capable of doing the jobs of some employees within no time and because of this the company saves lots of time and money and that is one of the reasons why every company is trying to do some automation and investing huge on automation.

Why automation is required?

If you are someone working in a corporate company where most of your work is manual, then you have a high risk of losing your job. I’m not saying this to scare people here but it has been the fact for the past few years. The software that I have been developing for the past 3 years have already sent many people home making them jobless. Though it is not good for the individuals, it is definitely good for the company and the company strategically hire people who can automate things so that they can reduce the manual efforts and reduce the headcount.


We cannot blame the company for this because this is something that we will also be doing if we own a company. If we don’t do this cost-cutting, we might even end up in a loss in this competitive world. So from the company’s point of view, automation is a great initiative and there are also some revolutionary tools emerging in the market that are easy to use and easy to automate the business process. These tools are either available for free of cost or with a price that is affordable for the companies.

How to stay safe against automation?

It is definitely our own responsibility to stay safe from such situations. If someone close to us had to quit their job because a robot took over his job, we have to definitely think if that can be the case for our job as well. Some people argue saying that even if a robot takes over automation, there will always be a need for manual tasks and people will always be needed to support those manual activities. But I will not agree with that. If we think practically, there will be lots of people waiting in the market to grab those manual jobs already and we might end up in a big crowd waiting for an opportunity with heavy competition.


It is always good to study our current position in the company and keep upskilling just to be sure that we are required for the company. We have to be in a situation where even if a robot is introduced for automation, we should not be affected or our job should not be affected. We have to be in a situation where the company should still need us. The company will only need talented individuals, they will not care about the contributions we would have done for the company in the past. That is the reason why when automation is introduced, people are sent out immediately. Another clever thing to do is to always stay looking out for opportunities around us. If we observe that our team is in risk, we should be able to either jump internally to another position or in the market outside.

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