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Yesterday I was having a conversation with one of my office colleague about the future of IT jobs and sustainability. Currently my project in office will retain for the next two years and the same with his project as well. But when we have a look at the overall scope we will not be able to foresee anything beyond 2 years in every project. Especially in an IT company it is really hard to identify if the project will be long lasting or not. Few years back a team was formed and it was announced that the team is going to bring a new future for the company and things like that. But today the team is no more. I have been observing all these things in the office.

At the same time, there are also many people who try to create an additional source of income. Apart from their day to day regular working, they also try to have an additional source of income to make sure they can easily run their family. Some people do their’s family occupation and some people try exploring new things.


Importance of skills

For us to survive in any industry, skills are very important. We have to make sure that we have enough skills to sell ourselves in the industry. If we just go to the office and come back home and after a course of the period when we observe ourselves, if we don’t possess any skills, then we will no longer be wanted by any company. This is something that is happening to many people in India. There are layoffs happening where the company tries to take a strategical move to retain only the youngsters who are skillful and layoff the old employees whose skills are redundant.


Until a few years back, companies used to retain experienced people in a job just for the sake of keeping the project safe. But today they are questioning even the most experienced employees of the companies to check if their skills are still intact and trying to push them out if they have not evolved with the changes that have happened in the company. When such a situation comes, skills are the only thing that can save us. We will be able to project only our current skills and they will not really care about our histories.

Other source of income

In today’s world, we cannot completely live safe with just one employment alone. We all have the necessity to keep ourselves save with multiple sources of income. In countries like India, it is not allowed to do multiple employment if we are already working on a full-time job. Even if we plan to run a business offline, we cannot have it in our name. There are few countries like Germany where people work in multiple companies and have multiple other employment. But even though the government restricts that, there are people who still do it in the name of their father or mother. They usually devote the weekends for their secondary employment. The secondary employment need not necessarily be a place where they work and get paid, it can even be a hobby that they can convert into income.


I personally feel that there shouldn’t be any law restricting the number of employment a person can have unless it is disturbing each other. The companies should be free to take actions if one employee is disturbing the other but other than that a skillful person should be allowed to work in multiple places. In India, the food business is blooming very well. People are looking forward to starting a food business everywhere. Even though there are already lots of options everywhere it is very hard to satisfy people with food and that is the reason why a food business is a great deal in India.

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