Please spend enough time with your kids

My close friend is currently undergoing a relationship problem. It has been a mental stress for everyone. I along with a friend of mine have been trying to talk to both the guy and the girl continuously to get this smooth. The more analysis we do it becomes very difficult. It will not be fair if we take sides, so¬†we have been talking to both the girl and the guy and even their families to understand the issue and try to make it smoother. While doing this activity we observed about giving freedom to the kids or rather spending time with the kids. We were able to understand how important it is to spend time with the kids from childhood. If the kids are not given importance the consequences are very bad. We noticed this in the girl’s side.

The consequence of too much of freedom

The girl’s family had given too much of freedom to the girl from the childhood. Giving freedom to the kids is quite common and is also acceptable. I always had no doubt about it. But after this conversation¬†now I’m able to understand how important it is to set the level of freedom for the kids. If there is no level or limit set for the kids to enjoy their freedom, there is a high possibility that they may get spoiled by the media and community. When they lack knowledge, they should reach out to parents to understand and gain the knowledge. If the parents are not ready to spend time with their kids, the kids can grow ignorant. And in a way, if they don’t have someone to be strict with them, they also grow arrogant and adamant. With such nature, they will start to restrict even good things in their life. If even someone is ready to help them grow with values, they will not have the patience to listen or change themselves.

Giving freedom to the kids is very important. That is how we will be able to make the kids grow creative. If they are spoon fed with everything, they will not even feel about exploring things by themselves. But at the same time, there should be a limit set to the freedom they enjoy. If there is no limit, they will not understand the value of freedom they enjoy and will always look for such freedom in all aspects of life. Life is not very easy. It will have both ups and downs. A person should be ready to tackle any such situations. If they have happiness, they should be able to enjoy it. If they have tough times they should be able to overcome tough situations. For kids who grow with full freedom, adaptability becomes a big challenge. They always try to stay in the comfort zone and will never be able to come out of their comfort zone.

Spending time with kids

By spending enough time with the kids, parents will be able to teach moral values to the kids. The kids will be able to grasp all the good things only during their young age. We will be able to mould a metal only when it is hot. Similarly, when a kid needs enough awareness in the young age, it should be provided only by the parents. They are the only person capable of teaching everything to their kids. When parents are teaching about freedom, at the same time they should also be teaching about the importance of obedience. By teaching obedience the kids will gradually develop self-discipline. This may not be helpful immediately but in the future self-discipline can be very helpful in making a person grow with a good character.


Kids should be given enough idea about the importance of acceptance. If they do a mistake they should be honest about accepting the mistake. Only if they accept a mistake as a mistake, they will be able to look for options to not do it the next time. If they don’t realize something as a mistake, it becomes very difficult to change themselves. Parents should teach this to their kids from the young age. This will increase their analytical skills and gradually make them lead a life without doing any mistakes. If at all they do some mistakes, they accept it and try to rectify it gradually. With acceptance people also gain an open mind to a self-analysis and understand their positives and negatives.

As a conclusion, I would say please spend enough time with your kids. Making our kid grow as a good person or a bad person is completely in our hands because we have full control over their childhood. Kids are always a good wet clay. We can mould them into any shape we want. It can either be a good shape or a bad shape. Any child when born, they are just a wet clay. Moulding them is in the hands of parents.

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