Pubg tips to get Chicken Dinner

Pubg has now become one of the most played games in both mobile and pc. People consider it to be one of the best stress buster. There are lots of other games available that can be really interesting but people prefer to play pubg because it looks strategically good and competitive. Recently there were also tournaments conducted and a huge value of money was distributed to the pubg winners. It is quite surprising to see lots of college guys and even girls interested in playing pubg nowadays. Last week a new map was introduced in Pubg which people currently find quite challenging. In this article I would like to share few information on how you can get a Winner Winner Chicken dinner along with few other tips to at least hit top ten in the game play.

Landing in the right place

The first thing to be successful or to be a winner in pubg is to get the right weapons. The weapons will be available all over the map but we have to choose a right place to land to be able to equip yourself with all the weapons, armour and medical kit to survive in the game. Due to enthusiasm people land in weird places and end up in fight as soon as they land. They will not be able to survive even few mins if they land in a crowded place. Successful players and pro players usually choose an isolated place to grab their initial stocks. They first land in an isolated or not so common place to grab all the resources they need and then gradually travel to other places. If at all you land on a common place and crowded place and manage to survive, you should either be a highly pro player or you should be lucky enough.

Choosing the right gun

Some players might be highly fond of certain guns in the game. Last week they have even introduced few new guns in the game. The favourite guns can be really interesting to pick up and play but you have to think and decide if those guns will really be powerful against good shooters. A short gun will obviously fail against a machine gun. If you have a counter someone with a machine gun, you should also possess a competitive gun. So, it is important to choose the right gun. If you don’t find a right gun in a place, temporarily have what you get there and gradually upgrade it to better guns in the game.

Shooting other players

Usually when there is a fight happening players will jump inside the fight and try to kill both the parties. But based on the firing sound we may not be able to finalize how many enemies were there. The best thing that we can do is, wait for the enemies to shoot each other and die. Once a player is dead you can then jump in to kill the other player. If possible use a stealth mode to kill the player. This will not alert any other players in the map. If a players is dead, it is not advisable to immediately go near the dead player and look for items. Most of the people who die are the ones who are greedy enough to pick items from the dead players. If you kill someone and you know that you are crowded by other players, wait for some time to observe if anyone is watching you or not and then go and look for items in the dead person’s backpack.

Do not volunteer for a fight

It is always good to play a camping game instead of an aggressive game if you would like to become a winner. Most of the pro players try to be near the end circle of the zone. Whenever the zone size reduces, they go to the safe zone and stay only in the outer circle. There is a high possibility that people can be ready inside the center of the safe zone sitting with a snipe to shoot you. It is not mandatory that you have to kill at least 40-60 players out of the 100 players. Some people might be very aggressive looking forward to get lots of kills. They end up taking many risks. It may not be required at all. Only fight when it is necessary. Do not engage in fight when there is no safety.

Hope these tips can help you get Winner Winner Chicken dinner in your next game.

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