Relationship is all about talking to each other

This statement might look like an obvious and very simple statement for some people but we have to read it multiple times and understand its real meaning. Today we are seeing lots of relationship issues among newly married couples. Most of these issues are because of lack of communication before marriage and even after marriage in certain cases. Talking to each other is a simple and powerful step to keep the relationship intact for several years. Whatever problem we have, if we take time to sit and speak about it, things can turn up very well. There can be lots of problems that will not arrive at any conclusion even after discussing for several hours. In such cases, we will at least get a satisfaction that we tried our best to sort out the issue. Magically time will help in solving many relationship problems.

Distant relationships work well

When we live together we might have some hesitation in our mind to talk and discuss the issues freely. We might even postpone talking to each other. When living together these are few things that can be commonly seen among the couples. They will not talk everything freely but they will have everything in their mind and let it out when there is a serious discussion or a heated argument. These types of conversations may not end up well. Erupting out suddenly during a different conversation is not good for a healthy relationship.

In a long distant relationship, these problems are minimal because when people live together they don’t usually talk so much and share everything. But when they are living in a distant relationship they miss each other and communication grows. During such communications, they usually share all their problems and concerns with each other. This makes it easier to handle the relationship easily if it is a long distant relationship.

Love is the fundamental

For any relationship, love should be the fundamental thing. If they don’t love each other, there is no possibility for the relationship to end up good. In some of the arranged marriages, this problem of love is usually seen. It takes some time for the couple to understand each other and thus it will also take some time for love to develop among them. The family members usually give them the necessary space for them to interact and understand each other. Once the life is filled with love, they easily forgive each other on everything and the relationship will be beautiful. If love is missing, life will be miserable.

Adjustability and adaptability automatically emerge if there is love between the couple. Not just arranged marriages but even in love marriages love gradually disappears after the marriage. When there are continuous issues after marriage, the idea of love gradually disappears from both. At least in arranged marriages, the family will get involved and help in solving the relationship issues between the couple but in love marriages it is up to the couple to talk with each other and sort out all the problems, if they fail to do so, then it will end up worse.

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