Renewable Energy and Global Politics

Today I read an article on rise of renewable energy that is creating a new world. It is so true that our inclination is towards renewable energy and we are getting away from the fossil fuels. We all know that we are so dependent on the fossil fuels and a big investment is going on the extraction of the fossil fuels. The utilization of the fossil fuels is one part but people who are running a business on extraction of the fossil fuels and the job of taking it to the end users are really getting so much profit out of it and it is one of the important business in the world. Fossil fuels are something that humans are highly dependent on.

We will not be able to run many businesses if a country is not having enough fossil fuels. But there is a Global politics involved while transacting this fossil fuels from one country to another till it reaches an end user. That is the reason why we are continuously seeing a difference in the price. Sometimes the prices will be too high and sometimes the prices will be very low. The value also fluctuates based on the political stands a government makes.

Impact from Renewable energy

After reading the article today I got an impression that there will be more transparency in the way we satisfy the energy needs if our inclination is more towards renewable energy. Some of the countries are already self sufficient with power facilities and we have also started to look at electric fueling as an alternative for fossil fuels which is not renewable. Though this was always there for the past few decades, there was not proper progress in this approach.

Today considering the advancements that we are making on the renewable energy field, we are able to drastically grow in terms of the utilization of renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. When this situation becomes very serious and the options are available in a comfortable way, then people will look forward to moving away from fossil fuels and focus more on renewable sources. There again politics can play a vital role. People who are fossil fuel extractors may not be very happy with the decision and they will continuously invest their earnings on suppressing the growth of renewable energy.

I feel this is something that is already happening for the innovations that are happening on products that are dependent on renewable sources of energies. To quote one example, we read a lot about innovations like electric cars that can be fully potent like other ordinary cards that run on a fossil fuel. But the problem is that there are many companies that produce cars that are dependent on fossil fuels and they try to suppress the innovations and make sure no innovation hits the market so easily. They also try to create a picture that such electrics cars are not affordable cost wise. I would say that this is also a place where global politics is involved and we as consumers are not aware about it.

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