Ripple Giveaway Scams

Today morning when I woke up, I noticed that I was added to a random group in the telegram. I’m not sure if I was added only now or long before. The message looked fresh to me. The title of the group said Ripple XRP. I went through the messages in the group and I saw so many people saying that the giveaway was true. I was surprised to see a message there about the giveaway. The message said that the group is all about 2,000,000 XRP giveaway. Who will not wonder if someone is giving so much of cryptocurrencies for free? I started reading the messages in the group to understand what it is all about. Most of the people who had messaged there had mentioned that it was real and they got 10 times of the XRP they sent from their wallet.

The point which said that we have to send XRP to a wallet to get 10 times the quantity back to our wallet is something that made me go suspicious about it. But I was quite confused by seeing so many positive messages from many people inside the group. I was even wondering if I should give it a try. I then came to the bottom of the conversation and tried to ask in the group if the information provided is legitimate or not. That is when I noticed that the discussion in the group was restricted to avoid spams. But I was able to see a message in the group to visit a website called and claim the giveaway.

I then explored more to know about the website there. I was able to see so many positive messages about the giveaway campaign even in this website link as well. But the comments section was disabled after all the positive comments it had already. That again made me suspect the website more. I did some research online to understand if there were any similar cases online. When I checked, I found that there are so many such scams available online. People will be asked to send their current holdings to a wallet and nothing will be given back. You will not be able to complain about this to anyone.

Stay alert with Ripple Giveaway scams

There are so many such websites available online that take the opportunity to cheat you by taking away your holdings. This happens not just for Ripple alone but for other cryptocurrencies as well. Of course there are some genuine giveaways but finding one can be really challenging and you might have to complete some task before you get something for free. If you are told that you have to transfer some of your current holdings first to another wallet to be able to avail the giveaway, then you have to be really very careful about it. Some of the people who are new to the online scamming world will easily become a victim for this. And as blockchain is a decentralized platform, we have no control over it. If you lose your crypto holdings in such scams, there is literally no ways to get them back.

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