Robotic Process Automation

We are moving towards a new world of Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Though there are many tools already available and many companies already exploring these new technologies, we are still not ready with a concrete model of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Many big companies and giants have been already working on these technologies. Maybe at one point in time even bots and machines can take over humanity like how they showcase in many science fiction movies. But it will take lots of years and even centuries maybe who knows.

As a first step towards that many companies have already started looking for automation options where human efforts can be eradicated and things can be made with the help of bots that will login to a web system as a normal user and do the action. This automation is not something new to the humanity because when machines were introduced few centuries back, people were all confused and expected that these machines will be powerful enough to do the jobs that humans were doing manually. But even then humans had other responsibilities to take care and area of expertise kept changing.

Will people be layed off?

As there are many automation processes happening everywhere, I feel that there is a high possibility that some companies can look forward to laying off their employees if their work is replaced by a bot. Robotic process automation is a word that is becoming very popular everywhere. When there are standard things that people usually do, it can be automated with the help of bots. Whatever things that people usually do manually, the RPA bots will be able to do it in just a few seconds. This is how the current trend is going on. If the system is implemented effectively, there is a high possibility that people can end up losing their existing jobs.

The best idea is to always keep yourselves updated with the latest technologies and trends available. If you find a possibility for lots of automation in your team, you have to be ready to accept that one fine day, even the type of work that you are currently doing in your office might get automated. It is not quite practical for everyone can switch to a job profile that will never be automated. But at the same time, it is the responsibility of every individual to do a self-analysis and has a different skill set to be able to survive if there are any such situations.

Future of RPA

Robotic process automation is a new step towards machine learning and artificial intelligence. Though these can be different terminologies, we can easily interrelate and advance towards machine learning from just an RPA activity. People start off with a simple RPA activity and gradually develop towards machine learning features and all. The RPA tools that are available have high capability towards exploring machine learning features and all. This will gradually end up towards the future of artificial intelligence etc.

I personally feel that it is a long road to go but there is already application available that can buddy with machine learning tools to analyse the pattern in which the user or bots work and provide stats and other improvements. Already some of the websites that we are currently using on the internet has hidden machine learning programs running that track our user information and provide relevant results or data. I will try to cover more about RPA in my future articles.

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