Skills that every programmer needs

If you are a fresher just starting your career in programming, this article will be very useful for you. Apart from the normal coding skills, a person who is aspirant about programming needs some additional skills as well. These additional skills will only help them grow up the ladder in their career. We cannot say that the below skills are going to be the must-have skills for a programmer but I can say for sure that if you have all the below skills, you will be able to survive very well in the IT industry as a good programmer.

Not everyone in the IT industry is a born programmer. From my experience, I would like to say that programming is a skill that comes by practice. Even if you start late, if you have the interest and curiosity to learn, you can become the most innovative programmer in the industry. Traverse further through the article to know more about the programming skills that every programmer needs.


Familiar with IDE tools

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. This is a tool with which a programmer writes the code. When I first started my career as a programmer, I didn’t even know the full form of IDE. So, there is no harm if you are a fresher and you don’t know what it is. It is up to you to choose the right IDE for your programming. Basically, you can even use Notepad++ for writing your code. But usually, every IDE comes with great features in it. As a Javascript developer, I prefer using Visual Studio Code for all my projects. People who are using other technology stacks can find other interesting IDEs that are available for them to use.

Knowledge of debugging tools

For any code that you write debugging is very important. People from the outside world might think that debugging is an activity that is done only when there is an issue in the code. But that is not the case. Even if a programmer is writing an error-free code, the debugging tool sometimes helps the programmer find the methods and argument available and sometimes to check what value was passed and what were the parameters that were required.


Usually the debugging tools will be integrated inside the IDE and will be available for use. Debugging tools are available both in the client side as well as server side. You can either run the program and traverse through the code step by step or just use an alert statement or console log to identify which value was passed during execution. It is absolutely dependent on how the programmer wishes to debug the code.

Logical and Analytical skills

The programmer should be able to think analytically and logically. If a requirement is given to the programmer, they should be able to logically think how the solution can be made and should be capable of explaining it logically. The analytical skills play a vital role when there is an issue and when there is a need for the programmer to think analytically and solve the issue. This problem-solving skill is expected by every company in the industry. Programming is not about just writing code alone. If an issue is reported, a programmer should be able to analyze it and provide suggestions on where it could have gone wrong.


This is the most important thing for every individual if you wish to continue your journey as a programmer. If you are working on getting a solution, you would end up writing similar types of codes again and again. In such cases, there will also be situations where your code may not work as expected. You might have to change the code line by line and see where it went wrong and fix the issue. All these activities need lots of patience. If you are someone who cannot be patient to handle this stress, then programming may not be your cup of tea. Some requirements can give lots of work in the brain. If we lose our patience, we may not be able to arrive at a solution.


Thirst towards learning with an open mind

A programmer should always be updated with the latest technology and the latest things happening in the industry. If there are new techniques introduced in the technology that you are working on, you shouldn’t be hesitant to explore and understand what that technology is all about and how you can make use of it in your current project as well as a future project. Sometimes there can be situations where you might end up learning new things from someone who is lower in experience than you. In such cases, an open mind is very important to grasp that knowledge. A programmer should never be hesitant to ask questions and learn from the mistakes.

Innovating something new every day

Working on legacy codes or on any repetitive task is not usually very amusing. In our day to day work life, we might end up working on some legacy code and doing some non-interesting tasks. In order to keep the energy flow, one should be very innovative and enthusiastic to learn something new every single day. If your current project in work is not giving any learning opportunity for you, you have to definitely spend some time individually to learn a new concept that will help in your career. If you find opportunities to innovate something in your current project, you can attempt doing that as well. The key is learning and innovating every single day.


Code refactoring skills

Last but not the least, code refactoring skills and beautification skills is also important for a programmer. Though this is not a mandatory skill for a programmer, it is definitely a good to have skill. If you are good at writing neat and tidy code, it will be easier for anyone who work further on that code. If there are proper commenting on the functionalities and methods inside the code, anyone who go through or glance through the code will be able to get an idea about it.

Another important thing that most of the companies forget is code refactoring. If your project is an ongoing project and if you are someone working on the same set of code always, you should find a way to refactor the code as and when there is a performance scaling need or when you find a simple solution to the requirement that you added above. In a tight schedule or a fully estimated work culture, this may not be practically possible but if you manage your community project code, this is some activity that you can easily do. This adds more value to the code base and helps keep the code more organized.

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