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Google is our most favourite search engine. They are using smart features to search for the contents from millions and trillions of sources online and bring the results. The interesting fact is that the search feature is instant. It just takes few seconds to search the internet and bring the result sets. There is a pure technology behind the way the do it. I’m not going to talk about that in this article. Today I was thinking how the search feature has evolved so much.

In the olden days, we used to have browsers that are really slow and it used to take lots of time to load a website or search and bring contents from the online sources. Though network connectivity is also one of the factors that are responsible in bringing the result to us, for the past few decades we have been seeing so many advancements happening in the facilities that we have from the Internet. This was considered as a separate topic by the experts and a stream was introduced called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), used by various content contributors.

Keywords from the contents

There are millions and trillions of articles available online. When we look for a particular keyword in google search, the search engine looks for the same keyword from these articles and if it matches it brings us the result. Keywords play a vital role in that. That is the reason why even content writers focus more on the keywords when they write articles. Keywords based content creation is a huge topic and there are several parameters associated with that. Best keyword phrases will generate more traffic to the articles.

I still remember writing over 50 articles just for a keyword “camera”. People used to make use of these articles to build their website data to have a better ranking online. For the contents that are written in the form of articles keywords play a vital role. And even today I think it is still valid that people should use better keywords in the article that will attract the user traffic to our website.

Contributions with no written words

Today I was wondering how smart search option works for the contents that are not written in the form of words. Say for example we have so many videos on Youtube and most of the videos may not have a proper title or proper description or proper keywords in it. I’m still wondering how Google is able to find relevance in those video contents and bring them in search results. I was even thinking if Google would transcript the videos that are easily transcribable and index it to bring it search results.

If we are moving towards that smart search approach where the contents of a video are transcripted automatically and used for listing in search results, I think it is a big revolution. This is really required because the future may not be just articles alone. People have started to use other forms of content creations like Video and audio. The tutorials and how to videos are increasing on Youtube and the people who search for it should be able to easily find it. I still feel that articles in the written format will survive but the revolutionary change of moving from written content to a video format is continuously increasing and people are also preferring to watch a video instead of reading a boring two-page article.

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