Smartphones being hacked to mine cryptocurrencies

We would have heard about mining cryptocurrencies using mobile phones. There are different types of mining based on the type of coin. Any mining activity will require the CPU efficiency and CPU computational power to do the activity. Smartphone mining may not be highly efficient for mining bigger coins or complex coins like bitcoin or ether. However, there are few new cryptocurrencies or coins that can be effectively mined with the help of smartphones. If you are interested in mining cryptocurrenices in your mobile, then it is a different story but if mining cryptocurrencies is happening without your knowledge in your smartphone, then it is something that you have to worry about.

Smartphone mining techniques

Smartphone’s CPU computational power can be utilized to solve complex algorithms and mine cryptocurrencies. Some of the famous altcoins can now be easily mined with the help of smartphones. The configuration and specifications of the smartphones are high ends nowadays. This has resulted in using the smartphones to mine a good amount of altcoins. There are applications available that can be used to mine cryptocurrencies using smartphones. The applications are directly available in the play store itself. If you are interested in mining cryptocurrencies in smartphones, you can easily download the application in your mobile and start mining.

This is where the tricky part is. Some of the mobile mining applications are genuine applications. You can just download them and directly use. But, there are quite a few applications that can end up being harmful to your smartphone. Some applications continue to stay in your mobile device even after uninstalling those applications from your mobile. They can be considered as adware or malware for your system. As the topic says we are able to see lots of cases where smartphones are being hacked to mine cryptocurrencies. This can happen either when you browse some unwanted websites or when you install and uninstall some unwanted apps on your mobile.

How to overcome mobile hacking?

Mobiles can be easily hacked using various techniques. Especially there are several techniques available to hack your mobile phones and use them for cryptocurrency mining activities. There are browser-based mining as well as applications that run in the background to mine cryptocurrencies. You would have not giving permission to those applications, they might hack your phones and use your phone’s CPU to mine cryptocurrencies. To overcome such mobile hacking activities, you can do the following things:

  • Do not handover your mobile phones to strangers
  • Be careful when you are connecting to public networks using your mobile phone.
  • Do not access unwanted websites via your smartphone without a proper firewall.
  • Make sure you enter your authentication credentials only in legitimate websites.
  • Protect your phones by having anti-hacking protections or anti-virus software.
  • If you are not sure about any application, do not install it.
  • Make sure to remove an application completely from your mobile phone by clearing all the files.
  • Do not click on advertisements that are not relevant to you.

The hackers will obviously have their own ways to track your mobile device and make use of it. Some applications are in such a way that they help you mine cryptocurrencies but at one point when you decide not to use them anymore and remove them, they still stick to your mobile phone and continue mining in the background. You may not be aware of this and this is how the hackers make use of your smartphones to mine cryptocurrencies. Compare the CPU power of so many mobile phones, with such power the hackers can easily mine hell lot of coins.

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