Something makes me hate Dot net nowadays

I have been a developer for the past years with a work experience on various stages of development life cycle starting from requirement gathering till client support. For the first few years of my career I worked a lot on workflow designs, logic designs and SQL metadata development. But everything was using a framework that was built using .net framework. I have all the more reason to praise .net before starting to hate because of the stability that it has and the way it helps a developer making the life very simple and easy. But nowadays I have started to hate .net a little bit. I’m not a Java guy so, I’m not even going to comment on that.

Some of my office colleagues who are an expert in Dot net coding are not very comfortable exploring other frameworks for software development. The main reason is because Dot net framework gives so much of flexibility and so much of features for any developer to develop a complete application using C#. Especially for backend development and SQL logics Dot net framework still stands to be the most impressive frameworks for application development. Do there are lots of fans for Dot net, can also people like me who have started to hate Dot net after exploring the alternative that are available.

I would like to list out some of the reasons why I want to use other frameworks than Dot net framework.

  • After the introduction of node for server side application development, some people have started inclining more towards node JS because they can now right server side code using JavaScript.
  • Package management and version control is very comfortable when we are using node based applications.
  • We are not able to right object oriented programming code with the help of other open source alternatives that are available.
  • I personally feel that writing an application using dotnet is not a piece of cake for someone who is new to programming.

After the introduction of open source node JS for server side application development, Microsoft introduced dotnet core libraries that are free to use. You will be able to see lots of advantages in using dotnet core libraries in your project because you can now right cross platform applications with the help of your favourite language C#. Today I was writing a Web API with the help of dotnet core libraries in c sharp, and I found it really hard to troubleshoot aversion in compatibility issue in the libraries that I was using. It was quite hard for me to identify the root cause of the issue. Is also unable to find any traces of the error even online.

This is what made me feel that think sir way better when I write a node application. Of course I cannot be so judgemental in saying that node JS is far better than dotnet core because it’s been a while since I used Dot net for my applications. I am not finding JavaScript more comfortable then breaking my head with C#. My perspective can even be wrong so, I’m definitely open for suggestions.

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