Stan Lee will no longer appear in Marvel Movies

Yes, you heard it right. He will not act in Marvel movies anymore because he is no more. It was quite heartbreaking today when I read about this news. I still remember how he appears in all the Marvel movies in one scene as one guest appearance. The entire team and the audience who love that special scene is going to miss him. I used to wonder who this guy was and later when I read about it, it was quite fascinating. Stan Lee is not just someone who appears in all the Marvel movies. He was the creator of various Marvel Superheroes. Yesterday he died at the age of 95. He amused both young and old with great adventures. Evan who played Steve Rogers has given a great tweet about how special he was for Marvel. Stan Lee always had a fan of all age groups. His contribution to superheroes is really amazing. Maybe that is the reason why Evan mentions that there can never be another Stan Lee again.

I have enjoyed Marvel movies from my very young age. Till today all the Marvel movies have been my favourite. If I get to see any movie telecasted in Star movies or any other channel, I will not hesitate to stop all my work and watch the movie. The reason is maybe I like superhero movies a lot. I didn’t find DC comics that interesting compared to Marvel. Maybe all credit goes to this great man Stan Lee. The Marvel team will really miss this wonderful masterpiece. It is quite true that he create a separate world and everybody liked that.

RIP Stan Lee!! We will miss you and your contributions.

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