Steem Engine Tribes are the way forward

After seeing the slow progress in terms of new features and UI changes from Steemit, I personally feel that Steem Engine tokens are the way forward. We are glad to have a great SCOT team that works on these Steem Engine tribes. Every week there is a new tribe emerging out of Steem Blockchain. They have great potential to grab the users and reward them well for the contents they create. The value of the tokens are purely dependent on the demand and supply and during the launch of the tokens, everyone issues the tokens and people who sell and buy it from the market literally decides the value of the tokens.

The first person to sell the tokens decides the value of the token and the first person to buy contribute after that. From then onwards, the price of the token is set by the market purely based on supply and demand. It is good to see a good faucet and a great sink concept in all these tokens. For the purpose of passive income, there are also some options where people can buy some miners and start mining these tokens. I think this is definitely the way forward towards our future.

I’m equally excited about the new features that are going to come from steemit. As we have new management now, it is expected that things can turn out really well. The first and foremost thing that disturbs me a lot is the user interface of Steemit. Though it is simple and neat, I’m not very happy and comfortable to see that it has not evolved in the past three years. At the same time, there are many tribes and other user interfaces like busy and steempeak that has provided with great user experience. The best user interface that I would suggest to everyone is the steempeak as it evolves really well.

For the past few days, some of my friends mentioned that the user interfaces have now removed the restriction on the number of tags that we can use on a post. It used to be just 5 earlier and after the emergence of Steem Engine tribes, it is all about tags now, so we end up in a situation where we easily need more than 5 tags on our post. and have now removed the restriction on the number of tags that can be used in our post. Initially, it was only 5 but now the numbers have increased to support some of the best steem engine tokens. This is definitely great news for us. I’m hoping to see more communities in the tribe soon in the future.

From an investment standpoint, it will be great to invest in these tokens as most of the curators and good people on steem blockchain have already started using SE tokens already. We are still an early adopter of Steem Blockchain and that is the reason why we still have time to invest in these platforms to get some good profit in the near future.

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