Steem Slot Games – Next gaming addiction for Steemians

Rather than saying it is a gaming addiction for steemians, it would be apt if I say it will be a gambling addiction for people who love gambling. For the past few days, I have been continuously receiving messages from random people about this game. I have read quite a few articles about but I was not very comfortable with this because I’m not a gambling guy. After reading some of the articles I felt that there is yet another game in the Steem world to spend all your steem for nothing. (Just kidding as it is purely dependent on luck and some people are lucky as well) I have played lots of slot games on my mobile devices. But definitely not with real money. So far, I have not been a very lucky person on that honestly.

First of all I would like to appreciate the game designers. The user interface is really awesome. Surprisingly the application looks cool in my mobile device as well. I use my mobile device for most of these activities. I really find it comfortable to try things out in my mobile device instead of opening my laptop and using my browser to do things. That is the reason why I’m eagerly waiting for Drug Wars mobile application. In one of their recent posts, the development team had mentioned that we can expect a mobile app for Drug wars soon in version 0.3.0. Though it is a lot of version away from the current version which is 0.1.5, it is really a great news.

Okay going back to the topic, steem slot games really admired me by the designs and the developers have done a great job in that. Though it is a simple design, it really takes lots of efforts to sit and design one. Kudos to the team for that. I personally hate these games that involve probabilities in that. The reason being, the logic of these games are also quite complicated as I hated probability theories during my study days as well. I stopped worrying about the probabilities and stopped trying to understand the game and started playing them on my mobile devices like how 90 % of the people do. It was not very fascinating for me because I’m naturally not a gambling guy and it is not my cup of tea. But though many people tried to make me sign up using their referrals, @mango-juice got my attention and I finally signed up for steem slot games using his referral ID. Based on my reputation both myself and @mango-juice will be getting 8 STEEM as I have already completed 100 spins already.

I tried my luck with the game already and did 100 spins for the sake of the referral bonus because there is a criteria in the game that you have to complete 100 spins to get your referral bonus. At the end of 100 spins I was able to retain 5.8 Steem as my balance where the remaining got exhausted during the spins. I think the game is quite fair for everyone because for 100 spins it will cost you 10 STEEM and I was able to retain 5.8 STEEM even after exhausting 100 spins. The minimum bid for a spin is 0.1 STEEM and the maximum is 5 STEEM. I tried my luck with the minimum bid for all the 100 spins and I was able to retain 5.8 STEEM which means I exhausted only 4.2 STEEM for 100 Spins which is not very bad.

If I get the referral bonus, I will be getting 5.8 Steem + 8 Steem in my wallet. I was able to enjoy the music of the game and the simple layout of the game. Though I used my mobile device to complete the 100 spins, I did check out the user interface on my laptop too and it is really amazing.

If anyone is willing to try this steem slot games, please feel free to use my referral. I’m not sure if they still have the referral scheme or not because I just went and read their recent post that said that they are making changes to the referral schemes. (If you are planning to start playing this game, feel free to contact me to use my referral link). I would say that there is a fair chance for everyone to definitely get their investment back.

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