Stick with a library that has a large community support

When it comes to development, it is quite challenging to decide the libraries and technology stack for the project. If you are starting fresh, you might think about using one of the latest frameworks that will stand good for several years down the line. Some of the libraries and frameworks have stayed fresh for several years until today even though it was launched years back. This stability is something that all the frameworks are getting these days. If the stability has to be broken, it emerges out as a new framework or a new library as a whole with a new set of concepts.

If we are starting off with a new project, it is important always to choose the right set of tools that we will require for coding the project. Developers usually choose their technology stack based on what they know already. Sometimes even though they don’t really know much about the technology or the library they are using, they will at least be confident that they can refer online and get resources online to manage if they are stuck somewhere.


Popularity is important

If we are choosing a library for our project, more than the comfort the library gives for our project requirements, it is very important to check if it gives enough comfort to the developer coding it. If the team of developers is not familiar with the chosen technology, their day to day work may not be very interesting. Even if they are given the room to self learn, they will not have any great interests if the technology is not very popular.

This is where the community plays a vital role. When we are starting off with new technology and if we are trying to implement it with the logic and algorithm that we already know from the coding basics, we tend to implement it by the way it fits the library. But when we are stuck somewhere, it is highly important that we should be having a community or references online to clear the block. If we break our head to clear the block, the project will get boring. Imagine if there are many such blockers in our project and we don’t know how to proceed further, there will be a high possibility where we might have to check for a new solution or even change the technology or library completely.


To avoid all these problems in software development, it is highly essential to analyze beforehand about the library that we are going to use and make sure we have enough support from communities online. Even if we are stuck somewhere there should be someone to help us out to take us further. When we are working with native code like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, etc., for example, we may not have this problem because we will be able to find so many people in the world coding on that and there will be a standard followed everywhere. When it comes to the library, if we don’t know how to do things using that library, it can get difficult without a community.

If a framework or library is very popular, there will be many communities online supporting it and if we are in need of something there will be many people available to support us. Based on the popularity people will also choose that as a library for their own projects as well.

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