Taking care of senior citizens

I have been visiting few old age homes for the past 20 years along with few of my school friends. We have now registered it as a Charitable trust as well. When we visit the old age homes, we have conversations with the senior citizens there. It will usually be a case where they would have a well settled son or daughter but they would have refused to take care of their parents. It will be so sad to listen to their stories.

I used to wonder how the kids will have the heart to leave their parents alone and let them suffer. There few kids who send their parents forcefully to old age homes after they get married. The daughter in law will not like the parents of her husband and the son will usually send their parents to an old age home. If the son is having a good source of income he will pay a decent amount to the old age home to take care of their parents. In most of the cases the son will not have a decent source of income or a heart to help their parents, they either send their parents out of their house or send them to old age homes and never turn back.

Why should we take care of our parents?

It is quite obvious that for some of the children after they grow up, their parents become a burden. This is quite common in every society. They will look forward to have some free space and somehow the parents in the house will not be providing the free space to them. The mistake can be from both the end actually. Sometimes even the parents might stay dominating after the kids grow up and get married. In India most of the families are joint family and a small misunderstanding is quite common after a marriage.

But in spite of all the situations, it is important to take care of the parents. They have nurtured us from our young age till we grew up to a level. Though sometimes it can be quite challenging to fulfil all their needs, we have to definitely take care of them. Just imagine what will happen to us after we get old. If we are going to react in a bad manner to the parents, our kids and the next generation will learn from us and try to show more hesitance towards staying with parents and taking care of them.

In India especially the culture and tradition is still living because of the joint family system where people learn so many things from elders in the family. When we try to break the culture and become a nuclear family the tradition and culture cannot be preserved. Even at some situation when we need someone, there will be no one to help us out.

New law in Nepal

Today I read interesting news about a new law in Nepal. Considering the well being of the parents, Nepal government has passed a new bill where it is now mandatory for the children to deposit 5-10% of their income to their parent’s account for their well being. Not every parent would have had a pension plan and a good amount of resource to withstand their old age needs. Considering this the Nepal government has enforced this law on the people. There was already a Senior Citizen Act 2006 available that had some benefits to the senior citizens of Nepal. They have recently passed an amendment to include this new change.

This has become a rule there because there have been multiple reports about rich people who have been ignoring their parents without providing even basic needs to them. I’m still wondering how can someone be so cunning like that. In order to increase the security of elderly people, the Nepal government has introduced this law. This will greatly discourage the practice of people not taking care of their elderly parents. People who fail to adhere to this new law will be penalized. Any such situations can also be reported to the Nepal government for them to take actions.

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