Teach Your Kids #4 – To play outdoors

Hello Steemians! Hope you are doing good. Welcome to yet another article in teaching your kids series. In the previous article, we saw about the importance of involving your kids in the gardening. In this article, we will see why we have to let the kids play outdoors. When I thought about this topic, I was able to think about how playing outdoors was very helpful for me during my childhood days. Today the situation is changing as kids are being exposed to electronic devices at a very young age. They are highly fond of playing games on virtual devices instead of going outdoors and playing. This is a serious issue. Nowadays even parents don’t understand the importance of playing outdoors and they pollute their kids by giving them a mobile phone to play or watch videos.

Observing new people and a new culture

When kids go out to play with other kids, they get an exposure to have interactions with other kids and make new friends. They also get a chance to interact with the parents of other kids. This will give your kid an exposure to observe and learn more about interactions and the importance of learning about new culture. As the kids are at a very young age, they make friends with each other without any discrimination like caste, creed, sex or colour. Kids usually don’t have anything in their mind so they take things positively and create a strong bonding with the friends during the Young age. For most of the people, the friendship they create during their young age will last throughout their life.

Creativity increases

When a kid gets an opportunity to go outdoors and play, let it be either garden or streets, there are lots of things to observe. They not only learn culture from others. They also learn good and bad things from the fellow kids. Parents can have interactions with the kids after their game to understand what they learnt and help them focus more on the good things they learnt. Bad things will fade away if the focus is given more on good things. By observing the nature, the creativity of the kids’ increases. There are many outdoor games that can be really helpful in improving the creativity of the kids. Parents can guide the kids to play such games.

Enough physical exercise

With today’s technological advancement, it is quite challenging to get a natural physical exercise. Ignore adults, even the kids nowadays are misguided to use lots of electronic devices. Due to which their area of interest to go to a playground and play goes missing. Usually, kids are highly fond of playing outdoors. Nowadays because of these technological factors their skills and interests are also diverting. If a kid spends enough time playing outdoors every day, they will get enough exercise for the day. This exercise will help in keeping the kid active throughout the day. During the growing stage, kids will need lots of exercises to spend their energy and regain new energy. It helps not only in the process of physical growth but in mental growth as well.

Immunity increases

When kids go out and play, they are exposed to lots of dust and infections. There is a high possibility that they could get exposed to viral or bacterial infections. In a way, it can be good because, if they are exposed to such infections in young age, their immunity increases. They will be able to easily sustain even bigger health issues in the future. This is the main reason why kids are asked to play in mud and soil. Garden soil and mud is highly rich in bacteria and fungi. So there is a high possibility that they will be able to increase their endurance and immunity when they are hit by a health issue. If parents are highly fond of gardening, they can just let the kids play in garden soil. By doing this apart from the immunity factor, they will also gain interest and will be able to contribute something towards gardening in future. If not there will be a high possibility for gardening to become their hobby.

Hope you had an interesting read. Meet you again in another article. Share your views in the comments section.

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