Teach Your Kids #5 – The importance of making good friends

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Welcome to yet another article in “Teach Your Kids” series. Hope you are enjoying my series on this topic. In this article, we will see the importance of making good friends. We all know how important it is to have good friends in our life. We have to make sure we teach the importance to our kids. The very reason why we are here in steemit is not just to make money or write some random blogs. I consider 90 % of people are persistent here are highly fond of making friends here and sustaining friendship here in steemit. There can also be other real-life examples and quotes that can explain in detail about the importance of creating good friends.

Friend is a person who gets in when others get out.

We can say so many points explaining the importance of friendship. People who may not be comfortable with their parents share so many things with their friends. If your partner becomes a good friend to you, you will also be sharing so many things with your partner. We are all individual beings. In one perspective, we can say that we were born alone and will go alone. Everything else we see in this world, we are not going to take with us. But from a different perspective, we will be able to justify making good relations with others. Relationships like father, mother or any other relations can be very helpful for leading a meaningful life. Of all those relationships, life becomes incomplete without good friendship.

Friends create meaning in life

If we need something in our young age we obviously go to our parents and ask them. But as we grow, we will not be able to go to them each and every time we need something. Sometimes we might even feel like talking to someone. Friends play a vital role in those situations. There are different types of friends in one’s life. Some friendship starts at a very young age, from school days and stays till the end of our life. Some friendships can even be momentary. A friendship that we gain during our travel to someplace can be considered as an example for momentary friendship. Though they are not going to be with our after the journey, we still create bonding with them and try to make them a good company at least during our journey.

Friends create a good meaning to our life by adding lots of value to our life. Observing a kid from a young age on the friendship aspect is very important. You can explain to them how friends create meaning in our life. Friendship is obviously not going to be something that comes by teaching. But you can always be a good parent to teach your kids to choose right friends and create a good space for them to have a nice interaction with their friends. Some parents may not be comfortable for their kids spending lots of time with friends. As parents, we have to remember that the time a kid spends today is going to be a memory for them tomorrow. Only good memories create meaning in life. So, it is parents responsibility to make their kids spend enough time with their friends.

Choosing right friends

When your kid gets to interact with lots of friends, it becomes a duty for their parents to observe their interactions and make sure the friendship goes in the right direction. There can even be a possibility where the kids can easily be misguided by wrong friends. Choosing right friends is very important. Friendship is something that doesn’t happen with guidance or compulsion. It is an automatic process. We don’t even know who will be our friend and who will be with us as a good friend throughout our life but we see it happening automatically. Friends are a major contributor for someone to do both good and bad things. Until kids reach a state where they can understand what is good and what is bad, they have to be under the guidance of their parents.

For some kids, their parents become their best friend. Especially male child choose their mother to be the best friend and female child choose their father to be their best friend. In some rare cases, if they really have good parents, the kids choose both of them as a good friend for their life. They don’t even hesitate to share their life events with them either good or bad. It is also completely in the hands of the parents. Based on how parents interact with the kids, the kids themselves decide either to accept them as their good friends or look out for better friends outside. They don’t really get the importance of having good friends whey they are too young. When they reach their teenage or adolescence, they realize the importance of making good sustainable friends and look for friends outside. There are only a few people who don’t really bother to make any friends at all.

When it comes to looking for friends outside, they end up getting bad friends who can misguide the child to wrong path and wrong decisions. This can have a great impact throughout the life. Parents can, however, observe this keenly and be a good guide for them. In such situations, parents need not focus more on explaining how bad things end up. It takes lots of efforts to convince them but young children will not be convinced by such explanations. Instead, parents can choose to show the right path and motivate them to be on the good path. By doing that, when the focus is more on the good things, their bad intentions because of bad friendship will gradually reduce. There is also a possibility where kids will be capable of converting a bad friend to a good friend if they are personally inclined more towards the good path.

Hope you had an interesting read. Share your views in the comments section. Meet you again on another interesting topic.

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