Teach Your Kids #6 – The importance of a healthy diet

Welcome to yet another article in Teach Your Kids series. In this series, we have been seeing articles that will be useful for the parents in the process of growing their kids. So far we have seen so many articles that will help in growing the kids on the right path. I will continue this series with similar topics. In this article, we will discuss the importance of a healthy diet. For any individual food plays a vital role in the growth and functioning of the body. We will have a healthy mind only if we have a healthy body. Without a healthy mind, we will not be able to lead a happy life. For everything, food is the basic ingredient. In the process of growing the kids, we have to explain the importance of food to the kids.

Maintaining a good diet involves choosing the right food. If parents themselves are not good at choosing the right food, it becomes very difficult to give a healthy diet to the kids. Most of the parents now are IT employees and they don’t usually find time for parenting. They just buy some random food from shops and feed them. They don’t really understand the importance of good food. That too a kid will need the right healthy food during the young age to grow. There goes a saying that even if a kid consumes a stone, it will get digested. Young age is the right time to eat healthy food and build the immune system of the body.

The Right time to eat

We have to be clear about the right time to eat. It has to be brought only by practice and only when you are hungry. If you still consume food when you are not hungry, it is not going to help the body grow, instead, it can create an extra burden on the body and could create negative effects. My ideology is to eat only when I’m hungry. If you get used to eating at a particular time, then the next day when the time comes, you will automatically feel hungry. If you practice this structure for several years, your body will get used to it and it will automatically trigger hunger symptoms when it is time and make you eat something. There are some people who have perfect control over their food habits.

In my culture, they also say that food consumption during the wrong time can be harmful. For example during the night time you are supposed to be sleeping. If you are awake and just because you don’t have anything to do, eating is not the good idea. If you are used to eating at midnight, it is good to not make it as a practice for the kids if you want them to stay healthy. Kids will have enough options to spend their energy every day. Unlike adults, they play a lot doing lots of physical activities to spend the energy they gained from food. Because of this, they can even feel hungry quite often during their growing age. It is absolutely fine to feed them multiple times if they are really hungry.

Balanced diet

Consuming a balanced diet is very important. This is not just for kids alone but for every individual eating a balanced diet is necessary. A balanced diet is something that comprises of all the nutrients required for the body growth. You will be able to get hundreds of articles all over the internet on a balanced diet. When you talk about a balanced diet, it is not very easy to explain to the kids about balanced diet and make them eat it. Instead, it becomes a duty of every parent to instruct their kids step by step on what types of food they have to consume and the benefits of each food they consume. It may not be just a one time process. But after continuous explanations, it becomes a good practice and understanding for the kids. This will sustain even after the kids grow up.

When a balanced diet is consumed, it is also very important to utilize the energy gained from such balanced diets. In young age, the kids should be given enough opportunity to go outside and play with their friends. The kid’s mentality is mostly to play exhausting games. For playing exhausting games, it takes lots of energy. A healthy diet is the only option through which they will be able to get the necessary energy for their body. In young age, kids can even consume multiple meals to create stamina and energy for all their activities. When people grow old, they have to reduce their food consumption gradually. But still the healthy or balanced diet ratio should be maintained but they have to consume only the amount of food for the amount of energy they actually use. Anything above that limit just gets deposited in the body.

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