Technology taking away tech jobs

If you are following the technological advancements with a good interest, you will be able to see how drastically it is growing. From what we see there is also a possibility that it┬átakes away tech jobs easily. Even if it not going to take away the tech jobs immediately, it will definitely reduce the necessity of tech jobs. In our yesterday’s article also we saw about how process automation with the help of bots is becoming the revolutionary change in the marketing domain. It is not just the marketing domain but in most of the other IT domains as well as non-IT domains, there are automation processes happening with the help of bots. It is a sign that technology is gradually taking away the work of humans. For the past few decades, we can easily see that works done by humans manually are now being done by computers or bots or robots. Every year some innovation is happening and there are new tools and technological advancements making human work easier. From the looks of it, every human being should keep them up to date with the technological advancements. For example, every individual is now having a smartphone. Starting with kids to grandparents, everybody is spending lots of their time on mobile phones or smartphones. A person who has not learnt the skill to use smartphones are finding it difficult to survive among others. In another 10 years, the situation can be even more difficult.

Lesser men and more work

Every IT company in the world have now started to follow this mantra of “lesser men and more work”. That is the reason why they have been continuously exploring the option of getting work done by a robot instead of real humans. This will be efficient in many ways and also be cost-effective as robots will not demand a monthly salary from the companies. However, there will be a maintenance cost which should definitely be bearable. Every company is looking forward to automating their process and introduce a standard operating procedure for every task. By doing this any layman will be able to take up the work and along with that most of the process being done by say 10 people can be done by just 1 person. This is where RPA and AI plays a vital role. Big companies like IBM and Google have already started using their AI tools and have already automated most of their standard operating procedures. In the recent IO lecture they gave, they have even planned to make a virtual assistant do all the job for you including calling and ordering pizza or booking a haircut appointment. This is quite fascinating.

As we are gradually moving towards this revolutionary change, we have to welcome such changes for good but at the same time, it is important to be cautious about automation. Unlike humans, the bots will just have artificial intelligence. It can never be compared with the natural intelligence of the human brain. Even during the event of testing automated cars by Google, there were some unfortunate circumstances. We will soon reach there but there is definitely a long way to go. Every company is now cutting down their employee numbers. Even some companies have not been doing any new recruitments for the past few years. The new recruitment numbers have been drastically reducing and at the same time lay off is also happening where people from redundant projects are sent home with a compensation payment. Only a person with necessary skills is finding ways to survive after their lay off. If we check the overall recruitment report for the past few years, the numbers are declining. Though there are lots of new companies emerging, the existing companies are either introducing new projects and increasing the recruitments or just reducing the number of new recruitments.

Increasing job security

A simple one-word solution to job security issues is “Upskill”. People with appropriate skills will definitely survive wherever they go. Companies will also try to retain only employees with unique skills. It is quite obvious that there will be more people in the future losing their jobs because of the technological advancements happening. It is madness to blame the advancements if it is affecting us. When more than 90 % of the population is getting benefited from the technological advancement, we have to roll along with others keeping ourselves updates. Especially people who work in the IT sector should always be up to date with the technologies coming to market. Every big company is working on new cutting-edge revolutionary technologies. It will be a shame if we do not follow them. If it is difficult to understand completely it is very important to at least understand some basics about them.

For example, most of the IT employees are not familiar with blockchain technology. Ignore blockchain because it emerged only a few years back but there are still employees who have zero knowledge of cloud computing. They have been working in companies for more than 20 years without any change in the work they do. It is absolutely fine to be like that following the standard operating procedures. But every individual should at least keep their eyes and ears open to hear about these new revolutions happening. If some new technological advancement really interests them, they should keep upskilling. Without upskilling, no one will be able to survive in this vast universe of technology and inventions and discoveries.

People nowadays worry about learning new skills only when there is a necessity or when there are a threat and insecurity on their job. In a way it is okay but from what we see, the way the world is going, every individual should take some effort to understand about these revolutionary changes that are happening around them. If they don’t pay attention, they will obviously miss their train and for some people, it could even be the case where they would have crossed the age limit without any skills and they might not get any opportunity outside. There is no harm in sticking to older technologies as they are always the basic, but at the same time, they should not ignore the new emerging technologies. They will only write the future for us.

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