The world is very big

Today is the day for some real motivation. I wanted to relax my mind with something that gives me deep thoughts about the truth of life. This thought usually comes to me when I travel on a flight. After the flight takes off and when the surface starts to shrink and become small, I used to wonder about how big the world is and how we are placed in this world as a tiny little object. Of course, we are bound with so many things in this world as a human being and we also have the capability to think big. But when we look at things from the higher ground, that is when we get a real picture of the world around us.

During my college days, I used to be a very strong and motivating guy. I used to say this to my friends to motivate them. We are hardly a very tiny particle in this world and if we even compare with the universe, we are not even equivalent to dust in this universe. In that case, we create so much hatred and negative vibrations with the people around us. Apart from that when there are situations that are demotivating for us and for the things that makes us really sad, we generally worry a lot and the whole world will fade away in front of us and the only thing that we will have in our mind will be the thoughts about ourselves. We cannot take the blame for that because that is the obvious nature of humans and we are so used to being like that.

But at a time if we just take a look at ourselves as a third person with a selfless motive, we will be able to understand how big this world is. We might hardly know just 1000 people around us and we speak to not more than 20 – 50 people on a regular basis. If you are a frequent traveller, you will have opportunities to see hardly 100 new faces. We have to just think how small these numbers are compared to the big world and the number of people we have in this world. Some people after a sad situation think that they are almost in a dead end situation and they have nowhere to go. This is kind of childish thing. It is true that we all become kids when we are in sorrow. Even in those situations, we have to come out of our sorrow and think in a practical manner.

I have heard people complaining about fate for unpleasant things happening in their life. I will not agree 100 per cent to that. Of course, our Karma plays a vital role in where we are placed and what we are doing. Apart from that we also have the inner thing that can direct us towards both good paths as well as bad paths. Throughout our life, we get options to choose between the correct way and the wrong way. Sometimes we obviously choose the correct way and sometimes we end up choosing the wrong way. In such cases, we cannot blame fate and we have to understand that we were given opportunities but we missed it somehow. But even then it is not the end of the world and we will still continue to get other opportunities as well.

Always imagine how big the world is and how we are place in this huge world in just one corner worrying about our own things. If we get to the higher ground to look at the big picture, we will get a great relief.

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