Three daily principles for a meaningful life

A meaningful life is something that every individual in this world desire. If we have a healthy life, we will be able to focus on the enjoyment part of the life. After we focus on the enjoyment part of the life, we may be able to understand the meaning of this life. Without healthy life, we will not be able to lead a peaceful life. For a healthy life, healthy mind and healthy body are very important. For the body to stay healthy food and exercise are two important things. For a healthy mind, staying positive and acquiring right knowledge is very important. Maintaining a routine is very important for an individual to lead a systematic life. As part of the routine, there are three things that an individual should do every day.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Exercising

This may not be easy for everyone to do. Maybe at your young age, it can be possible to accomplish all these three things. But after you are grown up, it becomes a big challenge to do the above three things every day of your life. But if you have been doing it from the young age, it becomes a practice and you will be able to easily follow that throughout your life. Not just following but you will also be able to channel these three things and the benefits of these three things to your younger generations. In order to say this to others, first you should be able to know the significance of the above three. It gives a great discipline to our lives and it makes the life valuable. Now let’s see in detail about the above three.

Reading something every day

As human beings, we have a great skill to read and understand something without our intellectual capabilities. That is the reason why we are exposed to reading from a very young age. Though a formal reading stops at one particular point in time after you complete your studies, it is important to continue reading every day. Reading need not necessarily be a topic as such or a book or a valuable novel. Reading can be anything. Starting from newspaper to storybooks or novel or even a short paragraph. This gives a great feeling. Reading something every day becomes a practice and only the people who do it regularly will understand the importance of doing it. The dedication towards reading should be in such a way that we will never forget to eat every day because we get that feeling without fail. With regular practice of reading, we should also get the crave to read something without fail every day. Reading need not necessarily be a book or something. If you a person who travels a lot, you will obviously have your mobile phone. You can just simply read an article on your mobile phone.

Writing something every day

Not everybody is good at writing. Every individual can easily gain reading skills through regular practice but writing takes some time. It not only involves creativity in making it interesting, but it also involves regular practice and dedication. Sometimes a small write-up can even give a great feeling to someone reading it. At the same time, a several pages write up will not trigger anything for the reader. It is absolutely the skill of the writer. The way of expression plays a vital role in making your writing very interesting. I’m not sure if I’m a good writer but I’m confident that someday I will definitely become a good writer and I will be able to express my thoughts in better ways. You can start the habit of writing by writing dairy every day. There have been great people in this world who started their writing career only by gaining experience from writing dairy. Some people started documenting their life events and some people wanted to document their life experiences. This is how writing developed. Today there are lots of world-class writers in this world who can take you to a different world and different perspective with the help of their writing skills.

Exercise every day

Excercise is definitely not about joining a gym and exercising every day. It is definitely good but more than just physical exercise it is a balance between our mind and the body. Our focus should be not only to have a healthy body but also to have a healthy mind. Exercising every day literally means taking some effort to keep the body fit. It can happen in several ways. If your day to day work makes you walk several kilometres every day just because you are working in a factory, then it is absolutely fine. You don’t have to additionally think about taking further efforts to exercise every day. In such cases, you will only need enough rest. But for people who don’t get an opportunity to do some exercise every day, it is the right time to find an opportunity to start exercising every day. Today’s world is dragging us towards a lazy lifestyle. We don’t really get an opportunity to understand the importance of exercising. How much every food we consume every day, it has to be a healthy diet. At the same time, we have to do enough physical activity to keep our body fit.

The above three things if followed every day will take you towards the path of a meaningful life. Hope you had an interesting read. Please share your views in the comments section.

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