Tough time for teachers to handle students and parents

Recently I was having a conversation with my school principal when I went to meet her for doing preparation for a program. During the discussion, we had the opportunity to exchange thoughts about various things happening in society. I still remember days when I parents used to threaten me saying that if I don’t do something, I will be taken care of by the teachers. I used to take it very seriously those days and will be a little bit frightened from the inside. But my principal was explaining have things have changed upside down in the past decade.

Today teachers are finding it really hard to manage the parents and the expectation from the parents. They don’t really care anything about their kids and when there is a problem they come to the teachers all the way and question them like anything. In olden days, usually, parents will be worried and will pray to not listen to anything negative about the kid from the teachers. But today the parents are bold enough and when teachers complain about the kids, parents are so defensive and they argue saying that teachers are not handling them properly. It becomes an uncomfortable discussion for the teachers.

Discipline is only in theory

When it comes to discipline, the teachers used to have the kids under perfect control during the school days. But today if the teachers try to control the kids, they end up having trouble. They can’t even beat the kids if they misbehave. There are now laws that prevents teachers from beating the kids even if they misbehave to any extent. The maximum that a teacher can do is call for their parents and explain the problem to them. The children nowadays are all least bothered about it. They have their parents also under control and no positive reactions happen even if teachers complain to the parents of the students.

My principal mentioned that the school is fully filled with the latest technology and CCTV camera everywhere to observe everything happening inside the school. The main reason why students misbehave nowadays is because of the exposure they get from the media and social networking websites. They also get an idea on how to gang up and go against the school management and teachers. These are all new things that students are learning recently because of media exposure. During my school days, we were not like this. In spite of having so many CCTV camera around the school, students don’t hesitate the trouble the teachers.

Studies are completely a different thing but discipline is something that is very important for the kids. Surprisingly there will also be students who will be very good in studies but not very great by character. But it is the duty of the parents and teachers to mould the kid to become a good person. But because of the external factors and pressure from the society and parents, the students end up being like that and growing up like that.

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