Travelling is more relaxing

Travelling is always a relaxing experience. It is not only because you are visiting your favourite place, it is also because travel plans bring lots of advantage to us. From tomorrow I’m travelling for the next 4 days. I thought of making a post about how exciting it is for me to take few days off from work and travel to my favourite places to get a peace of mind. The first thing about this travel plan is the group of people with whom I’m going to be travelling and the places that we are going to stay. I will try to write a post after I come back from my travel but for now I would like to share my happiness about the travel.

This time the plan for me is to visit a temple called Gangai Konda Cholapuram and stay there for 4 days. The place is situated in Ariyalur district of Tamilnadu and is very famous for the Gaint temple of Lord Shiva build by the Kind Rajendra Chola. Of course you can read about the place in detail from several online sources. It is also one of the World Heritage sites and has a strong history behind it. I don’t know why but for some reason this place always bring me happiness and that makes me visit the place more frequently.

I usually travel to this place a minimum of 2 times in a year and stay there for nearly a week. For the past 4 years I have been doing this and usually my travel will be a bike trip. I usually travel alone to this place in my bike and it used to be an awesome experience. This time I’m going along with a few elders in a car to attend a festival that is happening in the temple. We call it Utsav in our Indian language. Maybe my Indian friends will know. There are also a few other exciting things about travelling in general which I would like to share.

Meeting new people

Every time we travel to new places it is quite obvious that we will be visiting new people and get to know new people. If you are a person who likes networking with people then it will be a great opportunity to get more friends by just travelling. Some people are very crazy about making friends and for the very reason, they even prefer public transportation instead of a private transport option. Meeting new people is always fun because you will have numerous new topics to discuss with them and you can share all the information you know and you will also try to get more knowledge on the think they know.

People whom you meet might have a good talent which you can observe and learn from them. It can even lead you towards new contacts and networks. I know few instances where just a contact with some people created a great impact and turned their life upside down. Even in spirituality, when you keep looking for your Guru, the person whom you casually meet can sometimes become your Guru or a complete advisor for you. It is really amazing to meet new people while travelling. Travelling is usually fun only when you go with a group of people. If you are in your young age and a batchelor, I would recommend making plans with new friends and go for a vacation.

Staying away from our routine works

I believe it is not just me who hate their routine works if it is not very interesting. To be honest, I don’t like doing the same kind of work again and again. And the mechanical life that I live for the sake of money is not something that really amuses me. By travelling, I take a break from my routine works and I don’t really have to care much about the work that I have to complete in my office. I can just keep my mind free and enjoy the places that I’m visiting during my travel. This is something that everyone will like about travelling.

Visiting new places and exposure to new cultures

Visiting new places always brings lots of experiences to an individual. If you see a person who is interacting with so many people every day, they will really be good at managing people and gelling with people. That is a great skill that travelling teaches us. Sometimes during our travel, we may not be very comfortable with a co-traveller, but we will still be able to endure the person and adjust ourselves. So travelling also teaches us patience and gives us exposure to new cultures as well. If we are a person from a City culture, we may not have enough exposure towards life in Village. But when we go there and try to enjoy life, it can be really interesting.

In my case, I travel a lot to villages just because I like the way people live their lives there. We will have fresh air to breathe and fresh water to drink without any pollution. We will have enough physical activity there naturally making our life more inclined towards a healthy life. I like all these aspects about village life and I get a chance to live this life a few days when I travel to a few places that have this atmosphere. To conclude I would say that travelling is one of the best thing a person can do in their life to keep themselves calm and happy.

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