Using Honey Bees to solve basic math problems

Today when I was reading some news online. I found something really fascinating. We have read and even seen many training options available for pet animals. There are few training courses available for our pet animals to get trained on few particular tasks. Recently I even watched a Tamil movie where they elaborated about dogs getting trained as a good soldier. The possibilities are quite common. You might have also heard about how parrots can be trained to talk to people. Though they repeat the same set of words again and again without any great intellectual capabilities, it is really amazing to see them get trained on some great skills.

From the news that I read today, I was able to understand that it doesn’t stop with bigger animals. I always had a great opinion on ants and Bees. Some of my early articles on Steem were also on Bees which is one of my favourite living beings. They are favourite not just for me but for many researchers as well because they are one of the most mysterious creatures in the world. Science still cannot explain the true purpose of giant ant colonies and the life cycle of honey bees.

It is quite fascinating to hear that apart from the honey making, Honey bees are highly capable of solving basic math problems. Of course like how it is done to the other living creatures, the researchers will have to coach honey bees as well to direct them towards solving math problems. They have conducted and have been conducting lots of experiments in the lab to understand how they can still be used for solving complicated math problems.

Today we have been using the technologies and machines to solve some of the mathematical equations. With the capabilities that we see on Honey bees, it will be great if they can also be used to solve some of the complications that we have during our research works. Today we have identified that they can solve simple math problems and gradually with good training and better methods to extract their superpowers, I think we will be able to use them for complicated math problems as well.

It is not understandable from the experiments that even if species have smaller brains they are capable of doing some amazing things. I personally feel the same thing. We have not explore the capabilities of our brain as humans and at the same time we should also appreciate that other species also show some sign of great skills that get transferred to them through genes. From these experiments, it is evident that bees are also capable of learning new skills when proper training is given to them like how humans learn about solving complicated things by learning the skill and by practicing it.

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