We are expecting a very hot summer this year

India is a country with variable climate conditions. I’m from a place called Chennai in India, which is a metropolitan city decently populated. We have been experiencing different climate conditions for the past few years. Maybe the difference was there always but I think maybe I started focusing more on the climate conditions for the past few years. Every year we have some sort of natural calamities happening in the province we live. If at all it was not for us this year, the neighboring province will have terrible disaster. This is quite usual for the people of Tamil Nadu.

This year surprisingly we had severe cold climate during the winter season. It is quite obvious that during winter season any part of the world would be a bit cold and the temperature difference is based on the location of the place from the north pole to the south pole. This time we had very little rain but the temperature was very low during the month of December and January which is our winter season. This unusual cold was not experienced by our province alone but also in the neighbouring States of Southern India as well. I guess @sayee and @bobinson would agree with that.

Following the cold climate which is still prevailing in Chennai, it is expected that this summer is going to be very hot for us. People predict this based on the conditions we have currently in the winter month. As we had an unusual cold this year, it is expected that there will be unusual heat during the summer season as well. We have to just be prepared for that. My friend @inuke might miss the summer heat as he is relocating to Bangalore soon. But from what I heard from my friends, I guess the climate in Bangalore is also not as good as how it was a few years ago. Deforestation is happening everywhere that is contributing to climate changes in several parts of the world.

This summer we might end up pouring water on our head to cool our body. And, I alsl think we should all be mentally prepared to accept such climatic changes even in the years to come if we don’t pay attention to nature and stop spoiling the beauty of nature. There are some people who think that Global warming is a myth, I’m not going to comment on that part but I can say something for sure that because of deforestation we are already suffering and we are still going to suffer in the future as well. It will be wise if we wake up now and work towards making our environment green back again.

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