What if the concept of Parallel Universe was real?


I heard the word Parallel Universe for the first time during my 11th standard. I was in my tuition center listening to the physics class. The teacher was explaining some concept and when he was explaining that he asked us to imagine a situation where like how he is teaching and we were listening, there will be a different universe where the same person like him will be teaching the same lesson and students like us will be sitting there and listening to the lesson. I still remember those exact words from him and it stays strong in my mind. That really made me think a lot about the existence of a parallel universe. That is when the thoughts about the existance of the parallel universe started in my mind.

It is quite obvious that as a kid we will wish to imagine things that are supernatural and we will also urge to be a part of it. Maybe this concept caught my mind in such a manner. I’m not sure but even today, if I think deep on these lines, it is really fascinating for me. Some of the movies like Coherence that showcased the concept of the parallel universe was also fascinating for me. During childhood kids usually have some dreams on what they wish to become. It also keeps changes when they grow up. One such strong dream I had during my childhood was to become an astronomer or a person who studies about terrestrial objects.


But that dream started diminishing after I found the mathematics and physics calculation used in astronomy was a little complicated. Maybe today I might be able to learn that and crack that but it created a fear in me and I didn’t want to get into that field.

Some of the concepts in Indian ancient scriptures talk about aliens and how they used to travel from one planet to another planet with the just blink of an eye. After seeing some of the Marvel movies and they way they have projected a concept where the super hero move from one planet to another planet, I again traveled back to my physics class and started thinking about the existence of a parallel universe.


We are all the living beings among 84 lakh species of the total living beings co-existing on the same planet. The only difference between them and humans is that we have the capability to think and the power of our creativity. This is something that we are just saying for ourselves. Of course, we have not explored all 84 lakh species that exist in this world. So, maybe if we identify everything there can even be species cleaver than humans who knows. But with the creative power that we currently have, we can go to a great extent of even creating our own world and our own universe. That’s the power of creativity.

I still want to explore the universe with the power of the mind. Some great scholars and Rishis of ancient India believe in achieving this type of travel with the help of the mind. They believe proper meditation techniques can help us travel with the help of mind even though we may not be able to take our body with us. It will be fascinating if our modern science cracks this. If that happens we will be able to travel and identify the existence of a parallel universe by ourselves.

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