What lessons can we learn from Honey Bees?

Bees are one of the mysterious living beings on this planet. I’m a big fan of bees and I admire their culture so much. You might even find a few articles about bees and honey from me, on my blog. Bees are awesome. Tough some of their activities are a mystery to mankind, we have done enough research on them to take lessons from them. Do you think Humans, a higher-order living being on this planet can take lessons from a little creature? Of course, we can. There are lots of things that humans can learn from Bees. In this article, I’m going to list out some of the things that I feel we can learn from Bees.

We all know that Bees are very important for our natural habitat. Bees and other insects are highly responsible for pollinating many flowers around us providing food for many other species. They also act as food for birds and other insects. When they live a beautiful life, they also teach us many things. Some people might think that bees are just meant for giving us the delicious honey alone and they are not very great other than that. That is not true. Apart from the help they do to the ecosystem, they also exhibit some characteristics that we can learn and make our life better.


Learn to live together

Bees are social beings and they live together in a common habitat or hive. Though they are all related to each other and originated from one big bee mother, they still exhibit their love in the form of living together and caring for each other. You cannot go to a beehive and hit one bee and go home safe. All the other bees in the hive will come after you. An important lesson that we can learn from the bees is that we have to care for our siblings and live with sharing.

Task management

We all know that task management is naturally programmed for bees. We can see the same nature in ant colonies as well. Each one will have an individual task to do and they follow the protocol. The responsibility of the queen bees is to lay eggs and increase the bee population, the responsibility of the worker bees is to take care of their newborn siblings and act as worker bees in gathering honey from the flowers. There are also some male bees responsible for fertilizing the eggs that queen bees lay. Apart from these, some of the bees will have a task assigned to keep the hive very clean by removing dead bees and spill out honey.


Hard working

During the summer season, we will be able to see lots of bees here and there working really hard to gather honey. This is the peak season where there will be lots of flowers to collect honey. They work the whole day spending their whole life in collecting honey from flowers. That is really a hard work honey bees do during the summer season. Scientists also found that the life span of bees stay low during the summer season because of the continuous hard work they do.

Keep flowing like a river

Rivers can be taken as a good example of a selfless effort. Bees are famous for their selfless efforts. They are not going to fully consume the honey they collect from the flowers. If we see the individual bees, they don’t even live a lifespan to even consume 10% of honey they brought from the flowers but they still work their ass out to collect honey. They don’t care about others taking away their honey. As humans, if we take away their honey, they will still continue to work and collect the lost honey back.


We have so many things to learn from the bees. Though they are still mysterious to our ecosystem, just imagine how much value they add to other living beings on the planet. I think we have to take away some good learning from them for sure and make our life better.

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