When salary hits the bank account

For people looking from an external perspective, Software companies and IT companies are like Heaven. People think that if they enter into the software industry their life is settled. This is the general mindset among people now. Not just the IT industries but even in other sectors, the culture is prevailing in such a way that society thinks that they are fully loaded with money if they work in an MNC company. I just thought of writing this article after seeing how people were happy when they saw salary crediting to their account today. When I saw that, I immediately got remembered about a short film that I watched recently.

When I watched this video I did not realize that it was an advertisement as well. But the concept was amazing. This is something that really happens to people who are basically living without any commitments in life. They literally end up spending all the money that they earn from their job in some way or the other.

Today the whole office was eagerly waiting for a message on their phones. This usually happens every month. Even though they all have their own accounts and own mobile phones, they will be continuously asking if the salary was credited or not. It just creates some kind of happiness in the mind of people. Once the salary is credited the entire floor starts discussing the deductions that were made and the extra amount credited to someone etc. Now everyone in the office usually bothers about all these things. They just are a silent observer. I kind of observed 3 types of people from the salary perspective

Type 1 – A person who empties the whole wallet within a week

These people are quite rare to see. They end up spending all the money within just one week and look like a poor guy until the end of the month to get a new salary. These people are usually from a rich background where even though they complete their own salary, they will be supported by their parents. If they come to the office just for fun and not for the intention┬ádo a living with the money, they don’t really care about how much they earn and how much they spend. Even if they complete their entire salary within a week, they will easily get more money to spend, from their parents.

Usually, people who have a family will plan the whole month’s budget as soon as they get their salary. In such cases, the money will be sent to different wallets as soon as it is credited to the account. In spite of how much ever they earn, it is always challenging for a person with a family to cope up with all the expenses they have.

Type 2 – Very prompt and calculative in making their expenses

These are the most commonly seen people in every office. These types of people calculate every penny and spend accordingly. You will not be able to get any money from these people as they are highly calculative people. It is always good to be like these people because they plan in such a way that they have enough money even towards the end of the month. These people are good at managing the money and make sure they don’t end up lending money from others.

Usually, people with family also fall under this category. They have to be very calculative in order to run their family. Though the expenses are quite difficult for them to manage, they somehow manage to run the month with the same money. These people are also very good at investing money on the right things and saving money for the future. Even in cases where money is not sufficient during a month, they somehow manage to use the backup money that they saved from the previous months. These type of people can be taken as a good example for the ones who manage money well.

Type 3 – Never touch anything from the salary

This type is fully applicable to people who are from the royal family. I have had few friends in such category. Whatever they earn every month will be sleeping in the salary account for several months. It is just that the money goes only inside the account and there is no way it goes outside the account for any expense. These people when they need any money, they get a good amount from their family. They do all types of expenses but not from their salary money but from the money, they get from their family.

These types of people will usually have lots of passive income sources and investments available. Those other sources will provide them with enough money to spend and survive. Anything goes excess will be taken from the salary account on unavoidable circumstances.

Salary is something that makes everyone happy. It will make people happy only when they find ways to spend it wisely. If they spend it in an unorganized way, it will take lots of efforts to get the lost money back. Every individual who goes to a job will need a good amount of discipline to safeguard what they earn. It is definitely good to spend the money on good activities and charity works but it is definitely not good to spend the money on unethical activities. At the same time, people should also work towards saving the money they earn and look forward to creating a passive income source for future.

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