Will Universal Basic Income concept work for Indians

Universal Basic Income is a very hot topic that is being discussed everywhere. Many of the countries have already started experimenting this and some countries have this idea in pipeline. But for a country like India, this ideology would bring both positive as well as negative outcome. When they implemented Universal Basic Income in Finland, the results were in such a way that people liked the idea and UBI brought happiness and health to people but it stopped people from becoming an employee. I guess the it will be the same case everywhere. People like the idea of getting paid for doing nothing.

I would like to take myself as an example. I’m still looking forward to see a day when I get enough passive income to solve my basic needs. If I’m satisfied with the passive income that I get from my assets, I would stop working and focus more on the items I really love doing. Today I’m forced to do things for money even though I don’t really find very excited about doing. If I get a UBI, I would stop worrying about my financial needs and focus more on the things that would give peace and happiness to my mind. If it is possible I will also engage myself in charity related activities and live a life close to nature.

I guess most of the people here will have the same mindset if they had to get a UBI. The Congress government in India is also looking forward to implement this idea if they get elected in the next election. Maybe they are using this as a tool to grab more votes but for a country like India, UBI cannot be a successful strategy because we still have corruption at its peak in India and if UBI opportunity is provided to Indians, they will somehow find a way to trick the government and create a loss for the government.

A few years back my state government allocated houses for people who live in huts. It was noticed that all those people never reallocated. Upon investigation, it was identified that the allocated house was let for rent and lease and the slum people continued to live in their huts. This is how they trick the system and make money out of it. But of course, it is also a good option for them because if they don’t do it, they will not be having any other source of income for them.

But this idea of UBI can give a strength to the unemployed people and it will set a new trend among the people. In India, there is a situation where people end up doing any job after they complete their degree for the sake of money to support their family. If UBI is introduced, people can really be very choosy and the companies will also adjust their policies to a greater extent to make it reliable and comfortable for the people.

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