Winner winner chicken dinner! After a long time

Pubg is a game that is creating great addiction amoung people. I have shared a lot about that addiction already in my previous articles. The reason why it is addictive is because it creates a great feeling to so many people. People who win the game regularly want to win again and again. People who lose the game try again and again to win the game. That is the reason why it is creating addiction. But if you really want to come out of pubg addiction it is not going to be complicated.

Okay coming back to my story. Last week I played pubg after a long time. Nearly a month. I was reading some news about few updates that happened in pubg and it has been a long time since I played pubg. I wanted to play it. So, I logged into the game and started downloading the in game update. After the update, I started playing the game. But when I started playing I was expecting that I will be shot dead too soon . But surprisingly I was able to survive for a long time.

I jumped on a corner where there were no house nearby. But I managed to get a few items initially. My first kill target was approaching me and it was quite easy to kill the target. After I killed the target player I got all the items from that player. I had not big necessity to search for any more items.

The only challenge was that I had to travel long distance to reach the safe zone. I was continuously running running running. I shot few players dead on the way. Thats how the game continued and then I finally reached the last safe zone with just two players remaining. I was able to kill the last player easily and received a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

That’s my short pubg story after a long time. I just played only one game and I was able to win the game. I really don’t feel like playing the game continuously like others. I’m just satisfied with one game once in a while.

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