Yummy Ice Cream with an Eco-Friendly experience

I had a Yummy ice cream today and the recipe was called Nutty Mania with lots of nuts and choco chips. There was also hot chocolate in the ice cream that made the ice cream even better. Having an ice cream is a usual thing but don’t worry, I’m not definitely going to talk about the ice cream that I had today in detail. I know for the fact that it will be tempting for some of you guys and it will be a don’t care topic for some of the people. What I really wanted to talk about was the transformation towards the eco-friendly experience.

I have been eating ice cream for the past 2 or three years may be from the same shop. But today I felt some difference in it and the reason is because the shop has now started to use eco-friendly products to serve ice creams to the customers. I used to always wonder when I go to a normal juice shop. They charge a decent price for the juice but they give the juice only in plastic cups because plastic cups are usually cheaper than paper cups. I used to worry when the mentality of such people will change. Glass cups can also be used as an alternative for plastic cups but the only problem is that it cannot be used as an use and throw item but instead we might have to take efforts to wash them and reuse.

But surprisingly, I’m not sure if it is their mentality that has changed or not but people now don’t have any other option than using paper cups in their shops for serving juice. Okay coming back to the ice cream topic, today I noticed that in the shops they have now moved towards eco-friendly products for serving ice creams. Previously, they used plastic/thermocol cups to serve ice creams with a plastic spoon. After a strict rule about the ban of plastics in Chennai, this situation has completely changed.

If you look at the above image that I have shared, you will be able to see that the ice cream is being served in glass containers and the customers are provided with a fancy wooden spoon. I’m really very happy to see this transformation. If all the shops are highly responsible to take this sensitive decision to not use plastics, our world will definitely be a better place to live.

I have seen so many people arguing with me saying that plastics are not a problem to our earth but only the disposal mechanism is a problem to humanity. I will not completely agree with that statement. We should not be producing anything that is indestructible. After all humans are also destructible and we cannot live forever in this world. If we keep making things that either takes so many years to decay or things that never decays, there will not be enough room for disposal for us. All the disposal mechanism that we undertake will obviously fail.

Image Source: My camera and Pixabay.com

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